August 2, 2015

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Regional Camp August 25-29th 2015

Hello Ski Fans, We are going to run a little regional camp right here in Kelowna. Details are under the events Tab of this website or click HERE! There is online registration as well … [Read More...]

Half Price on Cross Country Ski Swag

Please note that the Village Ski Shop at Silver Star has a half price sale on all items in stock. … [Read More...]

Kelowna Cycle $4500 donation

Kelowna Cycle Roller Ski Order Ready for Pickup

Thanks again to Pat and Kelowna Cycle for offering us these Roller Skis at a big discount. This has saved the members of the team several Thousands of Dollars. It turns out that mounting 22 … [Read More...]

Reminder / Update Tree Planting this Weekend

Hello Ski Fans, Tree planting is a great way for the athletes and Parents to do some fundraising to support our team. Especially the athletes who can/should give back during this … [Read More...]

May 2015 BCDS NST Strength Boys

BC Development Squad NST Strength Test May 2015

NST Strength Results The NST Strength Test is a simple Test of 5 exercises over 10 minutes. One is given a minute to complete as many of each exercises as they can in 1 minute. They are then … [Read More...]

Last Chance to Plant Trees as a Fundraiser for our Kids

Hi all To date, there are 7 Telemark families signed up to plant trees this weekend. It is not too late to sign up.  You will be giving back to the planet and you will get some good cross-training … [Read More...]


The tree planting fundraiser will be held on May 23 and 24. It is open to all members of the Biathlon and Nordic Race teams, and like in the past everyone can bring parents or siblings to help.  We … [Read More...]

Important Parent Meeting

This is a friendly reminder that we have a Race Team Parent meeting this Wednesday May 6th from 6:30-8:30 at Wendy Wickstrom’s house at 330 Poplar Point Drive (north of saw mill and adjacent to Knox … [Read More...]


Sad News

It is with great sadness to announce the passing of our dear friend, Denis Brown. I am sure each one of you will recognize Denis from one of the race events hosted at Telemark, Sovereign Lake, … [Read More...]

More Good BC Provincial Team News for Telemark!

Hello Ski Fans, Four Telemark Skiers made the BC Talent Squad. Hamish Graham, Grayson McKinnon, Sally Haahiem and Michelle Kreatzer. Congratulations to all of BC’s fine skiers on their team … [Read More...]

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