August 28, 2016

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JD, TJR, and TR1 upcoming events

Happy end of summer everybody!  We have a lot of fun coming up this fall, and it's time to get those tips on your poles!  Upcoming events: Next week: Thursday - Time to get  back used to, or … [Read More...]

IMPORTANT! Limited Space in Regional Camp!!!

Hello Ski Fans, Our regional Dry-land camp registration is open. The camp notice is under the Events Tab HERE! Camp Dunloop is a Scouts Camp and we have rented the entire camp. Athletes will … [Read More...]

Fun This Week!

Hello Ski Fans, Just a reminder of the FUN activities we have planned for all members this Week! Tuesday August 9th we will be running the June Springs Short Time Trial for all competent skate … [Read More...]

Okanagan Summer Camp Free Registration Open

Hello Ski Fans, The Camp Notice is under events on the website HERE! This is a Free training camp where we welcome skiers from around the province to come and train with us here in Kelowna. Last … [Read More...]

50% off Older stock race skis

Hi Everyone, Fresh Air asked me to let you know that they are having a nordic ski sale right now. Older stock race skis are 50% off in case you are interested in new gear this season. Chris … [Read More...]

Lodge Roof Beam Refinishing

Folks, Scott Anderson and I are undertaking to refinish the outdoor-exposed roof beams in the lodge August 11 - 14.  They have to be sanded and treated with 2 coats of sealant.  It is a big project … [Read More...]

The Most Important Message in Eastern Canada!

Hello Ski Fans, Please Vote to help another Great Ski Club Become even Better! Click Here Today to Vote and find more Information! $250,000 Better! Get Your Friends to Vote … [Read More...]

Buying Organic – What should athletes do?

Hello Ski Fans, Here is an nice article about fuelling your bodies. Adam … [Read More...]

Revelstoke Training Camp July 21-24th !!!Corrected Dates!!!

Tentative Plan July 21-24th !!! Corrected Dates !!! Arrive in  Revelstoke on July 20th Wednesday Evening. Open to Tr1, TJRs and Tr2 skiers. Accommodations:   Camping at the Revelstoke ski … [Read More...]

Yes, there is Classic Roller Skiing Tonight for TR2s

Hello Ski Fans, There is CL skiing in South East Kelowna tonight at 5pm (June 30th) for TR2s. It disappeared from the calendar. See you for a nice ski to finish off our Mini Training Camp. The … [Read More...]

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