January 21, 2019

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Telemark Racers Team Photo, Kamloops, February 2011

The West Kelowna Telemark Racers cross country ski race team


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The Mission of the Telemark Race Program is to deliver a good experience for the members while providing a supportive encouraging and progressively structured training environment so that they may achieve their goals of sports excellence.

Telemark Racers Values:  Adventure, Camaraderie, Integrity and Excellence

TR2 Team Goals Created by the athlete group:

Create a Supportive Training Environment in which athletes are motivated to become the best they can be (as skiers) through Leadership of older skiers, encouragement from each other, focused training sessions, hard work and of course “Hunting and Destroying!”

Also, Top 16 in the team aggregate at Nationals in 2016

Coaching Philosophy Adam Elliot

I Love XC Skiing! Half of the highest recorded VO2MAX scores are from cross country skiers; competing in this sport is very physically demanding. A wide variety of training opportunities can be utilized including high elevation mountain Running, Skiing on Glaciers in the middle of summer, Cycling, Strength and of course Roller Skiing.

It is my privilege to providing exposure to a variety of training adventures and experiences which raise athlete comfort zone and personal limitations while also providing athletes with the tools to become capable active successful people.

My goal for the Telemark Racers is to deliver good experiences in a supportive encouraging and progressively structured training environment so members may achieve their goals of performance excellence. My Job’s privilege is to support others on their Journey to Performance Excellence with my infectious love of my sport, passionate leadership, technical gifts and work ethic.