January 21, 2019

Parent Committee Bylaws

By-Laws of the Telemark Junior Racing Team Parent Committee


Article I:         Name

The name of this organization shall be the Telemark Junior Racing Team Parent Committee (referred to herein as “Committee”).


Article II:        Mission, Purpose, and Functions

Section 1:       Mission of the Junior Racing Team

For the athletes who choose to pursue a “career” in cross country skiing by qualifying for the BC Provincial Development Team, the BC Provincial Cross Country Ski Team, an invitation to a Canadian National Training Center, and ultimately membership on the Canadian National Cross Country Ski Team, the Telemark Junior Race infrastructure, support, training, and coaching shall be in place for the athlete to progress as high as their dedication and ability will take them.  For athletes who’s primary interest is a love of skiing and a desire to learn to ski fast with good technique, there shall be a supportive encouraging environment with great training and coaching to support their ambitions.  Regardless of the current ambitions of each athlete, the main overall mission for the team is to deliver a good experience and fond memories for every member of the team.

Section 2:       Purpose of the Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to support the Racing Team mission by the coordination of the program including registration, race entries, transportation and accommodation, budget, funding, and fund allocations.

Section 2:       Functions of the Committee

The Committee shall set policy as well as provide direction and support for the Junior Racing program.

The Committee will:

  • Manage the Telemark Junior Racing Program chequeing account. Proper financial records shall be kept and correct accounting procedures shall be followed.
  • Liaise with parents, coaches, athletes, and Telemark club executive.
  • Prepare annual budgets.
  • Manage the Racing program expenses in accordance with the approved budget.
  • Author and present grant applications to Cross Country Canada, Cross Country BC, Telemark Club, and/or others, as appropriate.
  • Administer the corporate sponsorship program for the Racing program.
  • Organize fundraising activities.


Article III:       Membership

All parents or guardians of enrolled children are automatically members of the Committee. The Telemark Club is entitled to appoint one person to serve as a member on the Committee.


Article IV -Voting Rights

All members have voting rights.  Members must be in attendance at a meeting in order to cast a vote.  There are no proxy votes.



Article V -Meetings

The Committee shall meet monthly from October through March on a day, time, and location mutually agreeable to parents. Meetings will be run by parents and chaired by the Committee Chairperson.  In the event that the Chairperson or Vice Chairperson is unavailable, the parents in attendance shall nominate a person to chair the meeting.


Article VI -Officers

Section 1:       Officers

The Committee officers shall be Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Officers shall be elected by simple majority to serve a one-year term.  Elections will be held as part of the business of a regular Committee meeting in October.

Section 2:       Chairperson

The Chairperson presides at all meetings and works closely with the Head Coach and Telemark Club Executive to plan agendas and meetings. The Chairperson shall be the official point of contact with the Head Coach and the Club Executive.

Section 3:       Vice Chairperson

The Vice-Chairperson assumes the role of the chair at meetings if the Chairperson is absent.

Section 4:       Secretary

The Secretary takes minutes of the meeting, reads minutes, and sends correspondence as necessary.

Section 5:       Treasurer

The Treasurer keeps records of financial transactions of the Committee, and submits reports to the committee as appropriate.

Section 6:       Removal

Any officer of the Committee who fails to perform the duties as outlined in the by-laws can be removed by passing a motion with a two-thirds vote at a Committee meeting.


Article VII:       Quorum

A minimum of four Committee members must be in attendance to constitute a quorum.


Article VIII:  Amendments

These by-laws may be amended by informing the Committee of the proposed amendment at least two weeks before the meeting. All amendments must be approved by a simple majority vote of the Committee.


                                                                        Barry Allen

                                                                        Signature of Chairperson of the Committee

Approved: 23 October 2012