January 21, 2019

Practice Locations

Rose Valley 1680 Westlake Road West Kelowna V1Z 3G6 This is an Elementary school which has a nice play ground and a beautiful trail system behind it perfect for running and Hill Bounding. map

Kinsmen FieldHouse, Capital News Centre or CNC Meet at the Playground at the North end of the Mission Sports Fields. Near the corner of Gordon Dr. and Lexington Ave. Typically, we roller ski here in the late fall as they have a flat Car free lit loop. We no longer meet at the south end. map

North Glenmore Elementary 1936 Union Rd. Kelowna. This is a Roller Ski location which has a Rolling lit loop.

Bankhead Elementary 1280 Wilson Ave is another access to the Clement bike path with a large and quiet parking lot. map

Clement Bypass is another roller ski location which is lit and has almost no cars on it. meet at 1460 Spall Rd. this is a parking lot near the Tennis Courts on the eastside of the Apple Bowl.

SEK, SEKES or South East Kelowna Elementary School 4176 Spiers Rd. Kelowna. This is a great starting point for roller skiing in hilly terrain. map

Helen Gorman Elementary School 3230 Salmon Rd, West Kelowna. This is a great roller skiing starting point for heading up to Telemark or Last Mountain.

Ecoscape 450 Neave Ct, Kelowna. This is a new roller ski location to take advantage of the paved rail to trails path and a lit parking lot plus indoor strength space on poor weather days. map

Sutherland Park by Knox Mountain across from 837-ish Ellis Street or on the Corner of Poplar Point and Ellis. This is right before Knox Mountain Park but has the added advantage of a playground for strength and less traffic.

Knox Mountain often used interchangeably with Sutherland Park.  Meet at the Tennis Courts at the base of Knox Mountain Drive.

Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park also known as Crawford. We meet at the South end of Stewart Rd. East in a parking lot. This is a great trail system for running, biking and ridding horses. map

Blair Pond Park is 333 Clifton Rd. just past Grainger. This park has a nice playground, tennis courts and the Glenmore Highlands trail system in its backyard for running and biking.

Gellatly Nut Farm 2375 Whitworth Rd. West Kelowna. This is the location of our annual Triathlon and also the starting point for roller skiing up to Crystal Mountain.

Rose Wood Cul De Sac Near Rose Valley turn of West Lake onto Rose Wood and follow to the end. This is a different starting point to access the Rose Valley Trail system.

Quarry Park Off of South Ridge drive in the Mission. Left off Lakeshore drive at Barnaby Road, right on South Ridge Dr. then left at Quarry Ave. and right on Quarry Cr. into the parking lot. This is a good beginner roller ski location with lit, paved, off road paths.  map

TR2, TR1 or JD with no location given is normally skiing at Telemark.