January 21, 2019

Ski Stuff Checklist

Coach Ross has put together this checklist of ski stuff to make sure to pack for the day/weekend.

Number Task
1 pair Ski Gloves
1 pair Ski Mitts
1 pair Warm Mitts or Gloves
2 Toques
1 Buff or Balaclava
1 Ski Glasses
2 pairs Ski Socks
2 Long Underwear Tops
2 Long Underwear Bottoms
1 Dry Shirt for after skiing
1 Hoodie for after skiing
1 Pants for after skiing
1 pair Socks and underwear for after skiing
1 Ski suit warm up pants
1 Ski suit warm up jacket
1 Ski suit racing top
1 Ski suit racing bottoms
1 pair Ski boots
1 pair Winter Jacket / snow pants
1 Rain Jacket
1 pair Winter Boots
1 Lunch
1 Snacks
1 Water bottle and holder
1 Headlamp
1 Wax Kit – Grip wax, cork, scraper, etc.
1 Medication i.e. inhaler


Here’s a printable version with checkboxes to help you keep track:

SKi stuff checklist