January 21, 2019

Telemark Racers Pre-competition Planner


Telemark Racers Pre-competition Planner

“Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark”

Event: _____________________________________________________________________________Date:____________________________

Visualize: 5-10 minutes before I fall asleep I will go through my race preparation, my start, difficult sections of trail, technique cues, and my race finish.  Feeling strong and confident!

I will go to bed at: _________________the night before my race


Day of Competition:

My alarm will go off at ___________ and go for morning jog/activity at ____________

In ate a nutritious breakfast and have packed my bag for the race, not forgetting extra water, food for before and after race, change of clothes, ski glasses and________________________________________________________


At the Competition Site:

I have my ski equipment accounted for, and will check in with my coach at the team area at _____________

My start time and bib number are: _________________________________________________________

At ___________________ I will mentally rehearse my strategy.  My race plan with my segmented course and key words are:



Hills: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________




I will start my warm up at ________________ with ____________________________________________

My warm up will include__________________________________________________________________________________________


Adam’s rec. warm-up 10-15mins Easy, 3’ tempo skiing, 2’ easy, 2’ race-pace (not sprinting), 2’ easy and 2’ race pace. 10’ go to start

Key words I will use include:

For focusing  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

To reduce stress ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

To get energized__________________________________________________________________________________________________

After the Race:

I will cool down ________________minutes after I finish

I will eat and drink ________________________________________________________________________ for recovery

I will evaluate my performance when, where and how? ______________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Was I properly warmed up?             Did I execute my race plan?             Did I maintain my best Technique?

Did I do my best?         What could I do better?               Did I have Fun?                Will this experience make me Stronger?

I will thank at least 3 volunteers

Pdf version of this:  Telemark pre-competition planner

Examples of Performance Goal Words (Que) from Dave Freeze:

Older Skier Race Plan information modified from rowing:


Sample of Simple Race Plan