May 27, 2018

Whistler Camp Travel

Hello Ski Fans,

It looks like we will be skiing on snow in Whistler! You will however need your Skate Roller, High Vis, Helmet and “roller ski Classic poles” for the Double Poling roller ski tests which are scheduled.

If you are travelling in the team van to Whistler Please be at my house by 9:30 am on Thursday May 17th 2018. Adam will drive down.

The Van will be returning at Noon on Monday May 21st 2018 with Tim driving it.

The Normal Pack Light Rules will apply to the Van. Bring your Sunscreen!


Adam Elliot

L2C Register For Skiing at Sovereign Now! and Other Details

Hello Ski Fans,

The First Race of the 2018-19 season is Saturday May 12th 2018

Register Before the Fees Increase Here! On May the 4th be with you!

We had a lot of Fun last season.

The Current Van Schedule:

May 10 Departs: Adam’s 6:40 am, 1505 Pinehurst Crescent 7 am Sovereign by 2 pm

May 11 Departs: Adam’s 6:40 am, 1505 Pinehurst Crescent 7 am Sovereign by 12:30 pm

May 12 Departs: Adam’s 6:40 am, 1505 Pinehurst Crescent 7 am Sovereign by 12:30 pm

May 13 TBA


L2C Tuesday is Classic Roller Skiing. Change your Pole Tips!

Hello Ski Fans,

Just a Heads Up! L2C Tuesday is Classic Roller Skiing. Change your Pole Tips!

5 pm Gellatly Nut far to Crystal Mountain. We will have the Van to Shuttle.



L2C and T2C Skiing Saturday and Costumes? 3:30 pm

Hello L2C and T2C Skiers!

We will be dressing up for Saturday’s Ski Celebration. The Dress Up Options are:

  • Retro Ski Outfits! (Adam will Bring a Bunch from his collection)
  • One Piece Race Suits!
  • Gorby Skier Attire; Inappropriate ski clothing (John Connor Jeans) Google if confused

Coordinate this should be Fun!

Also, Remember your Telemark Jacket’s for our Team Photo

When you get your Special Awards you will be asked to recognize the contributions of your parents’ volunteer contributions. So maybe get your thinking caps on for that…

Bring Gear for Both Techniques. There is going to be fresh grooming but it might also snow all day long!

It is a Potluck Party! The Signup is Here!

Thank You, Adam Elliot

Ps. Currently no Fern Lake this year:


Nationals Reminder

Hello Nationals Skiers,

Please review this Nutrition Link before Nationals. There will be a test.


Adam Elliot

L2C Tour de Telemark Final Climb 2018

Hello Ski Fans,

We planned for a Tough Final Climb and unfortunately were greeted by and even bigger challenge as the Crystal Rim trail had not been groomed. Remember that time we were racing to June Springs Mid Point and discovered frost on some of the road?

Mason Skied far beyond the Predicted time we had for him. Congratulations!  Top Juvenile time was Ian Mayer. Top Junior Boy was Cole Turner. David Walker and Greg Kilroy actually tied on time today but David was ahead of him in the points competition so came out on Top! Clair Littlefair was the top female. Unfortunately, Jenna had an equipment malfunction so we did get to see how that battle Turned out. Results are below; Click to Enlarge. Great Work Everyone!

Adam Elliot

Ps. We are off to this place again!

Tour de Telemark Final Countdown and Summer Road Slalom

Hello Ski Fans,

There were many gates missed on the Summer Road Slalom But it was good Fun! Do not take these results too seriously:

Now on a serious note the Big Final for The 2018 Tour de Telemark is tomorrow. Start times are based on predicted performance and Points counting towards seconds earned! Remember to Click to Enlarge the Results!

Minor Error in Start times above. Correct Below:



Congratulations Clair! In the News!

Clair had her personal best result at the Western Canadian Championship the other weekend and the NWT defiantly has noticed!

We hope to continue this significant development rate of Clair for the Canada Winter Games next year. Good luck to all Telemark skiers this week which are competing in Switzerland (Gareth, Fran and Hannah World Championship), Ontario (Easterns) and Prince George!

Western Canadian Championships Open Men’s Relay! BC was 2nd with Greg Kilroy, Tallon Noble and Remi Drolet!

Also, Here is a video of Tristan Racing the A Final at Westerns. Tristan was pretty excited this day. He won the Qualifier scoring 74.68 CPL! He scored 77.41 CPL at Frozen Thunder. Unfortunately, Tristan then proceeded to create huge leads and expend Significant amounts of energy in his Quarter’s and Semi’s. There are tactics involved in sprint racing and if you watch the final you can see how others made excellent moves and Tristan learned valuable Lessons. Hopefully you all can learn from this video too before your next sprint race. Watch those Foothills Skiers?

Tristan Gets a good start but does not claim a good position; Working Hard

Tristan is boxed in and chooses the long way around to get back up to second spot at the down hill into the finish; Working Hard

Tristan stays in behind the leader allowing others an easy line around him; Trying to draft

Tristan has burned all of his matches and has no sprint left in the lunge for the line; Still Working Hard

Please learn by watching! Seriously Though, Congratulations to Tristan for being fast enough to be able to play in the A Final!