November 19, 2018

Regional Camp Montezuma Race Results 2018

Here are the Classic Technique Results. It was -4.5 degrees Celsius. Click on Results for a larger image.



Van Rides to the Regional Camp 1 Nov 16th 2018

Hello Ski Fans,

I will have some room in the Team Van going up to Silverstar tomorrow and returning after the Regional Camp Sunday Nov 18th. I will load up and Drop off at:

115-125 Lake Ave Kelowna, BC V1Y 5W2

Which is the road next to the Hobbs Residence. Friday November 16th the Van will load up at 3:30 pm.

On Sunday we should be loaded up and on the road by 1 pm which should put us back in Kelowna on Lake Ave around 2:30 pm.

If you would like a ride in the Van please email me today to confirm your spot:

In Case you have forgotten the Packing list and Schedule are in the Camp Notice Here!

Bring a Towel; They are not Provided!

Thank You,

Adam Elliot

Now let’s see who has the advantage !!!

Van Ride to the BCTS Camp.

Hello Ski Fans,

I am departing for the BCTS camp at Silverstar from Knox Mountain at 5 pm Thursday November 12th 2018 as stated on the website calendar. If you would like a ride in the Telemark Team Van please email me ahead of time:       so that I know you are coming.

Please arrive before 4:45 pm to load the Van. The van departs at 5 pm.

Thank You,

Adam Elliot

Classic Coach Workshop Nov 10th 11:30 am

Hello Coaches,
We are going to do another Coaching Workshop at Sovereign Lake on Saturday Nov. 10th at 11:30 am. We will start with skis on the snow near the lodge/stadium. We can work on coaching each other and then hopefully we can get some T2T athletes back out to meet us for technique work at 12:30.
Here is the link to the Classic Technique Playlist I created for this weekend:
This should be 6 videos on Classic Technique. the first Three are Diagnol Stride and the Next Three relate to Double Pole; 1 is Brian again since it relates.
Thank You,
Adam Elliot

Camp Baking Request Nov 16-18th 2018

Hello Telemark Parents,

I have undertaken the task of organizing the food for the regional camp. The camp will take place Nov 16-18th 2018. I am looking for help! I am thinking instead of buying package baking I am looking for parents to do baking before the camp. This is in the goal to save money and eat healthier and yummier food. Any type of muffin, loaf, bar and cookies would be fantastic! Please label if there is dairy or nuts in the baking. There about 40 coaches and athletes so any amount of food would be greatly appreciated! The more baking done before the camp the better! The baking will make for great food to pack to train and snacks. Let me know what you plan to bring or ask what we need!

You can email me at

Thank you!

Tom Walker

Sunday Day Camp Oct 21 2018

Hello Ski Fans,

This Sunday is another fun day camp up at Telemark. Parent helpers are encouraged and welcome for all or any part of the day you can help out with. We have jobs for all abilities and all parts of the day! We will have:

  • Roller Skiing for all ages L2T to T2C
  • Mentorship from older skiers to younger ones
  • A Skate Roller Ski Coach Work Shop 8 am. All Coaches and Parents are welcome to participate. There is homework; read the entire post.
  • A Trail Clearing Party Noon; Maximum 1 Hour this time! Thank You for the significant amount of work done last weekend!
  • Coach Meeting

The To Bring List:

  • all equipment for Skate Roller Skiing… Classic for L2C and T2C
  • Change of Clothes and Shoes or Boots
  • Work Gloves and Pruning Sheers
  • Lots of Food and Water

T2T and L2T Timeline

9 am Skate Skiing from Helen Gorman Elementary School 3230 Salmon Rd

Ski with L2C Mentors to Carre Road.

Technique focused session with lots of coaches.


1 hour of Trail Work

Timeline Looks Like this for L2C and T2C

8am depart for Skate Ski from Gellatly Nut Farm. Construction Ski Route up the east end of Gellatly into Westbank, Right on Brendalee Rd, Left onto “Butt Road”, Left on Paynter Road, Right on Lower Glenrosa Rd, Right on Weber Rd, Righ on Scotstone Rd, Left on Dunbarton Rd, left on Weber Rd, Right on Gorman Rd which joins McTaggart Rd, Left on McGinnis Rd, Left on Blue Jay Dr, Left on Canary Dr and Meet T2T at Helen Gorman Elementary School.

L2C, T2C and T2T to ski together from Helen Gorman School to Carre Road.

Ski to Summit and Transition to Running

Run Crystal Rim Trail


1 hour of Trail Work

Skate Roller Ski Coach Work Shop Timeline 

Meet at 8am at Helen Gorman School and Discuss the key point from the 5 Videos and the Table. Discuss Coaching Effectiveness. Do some Coach roller skiing with corrections (if up for it). Work with T2T skiers on Technique at Carre Road and Possibly the Dip before the Telemark turn off.

Lunch Time Coach Planning Meeting ~ 11:30 am

Coach Work Shop Homework

Link to Playlist for Coaches to watch before Saturday Click Here!

Deterministic Model for Double Poling to revisit. Click to Enlarge.


Important Roller Ski Safety Policy Reminder!

Hello Ski Fans,

As I hope all of you are aware we have a Roller Ski Safety Policy. It lives under the website’s “Resources” Tab.

The policy is also below. We will be strictly enforcing this. Show up without the correct safety equipment and you will be sent home.

Be Safe!

Adam Elliot

Telemark Race Team Roller Ski Safety Policy – Updated Sept 2018

Basic precepts:

  • Roller skiing on open roads has an inherent level of risk.
  • This policy accepts the Cross Country BC roller ski safety policy and the civic rules of the road as the assumed minimum, and is designed to maximize safety while ensuring an effective and positive training experience.
  • CCBC Policy: HERE other great Roller Ski Information on CCBC Website
  • The relevant sections of the civic rules of the road as they apply to cyclists: BC Laws
  • Two key terms that will be used below are official sunset (as determined by Environment Canada for the day of training), and civil twilight, which is 30 minutes after official sunset.

Personal safety equipment:

  • Helmets are to be worn before roller skis are put on, and are not to be removed until after roller skis have been taken off.
  • Gloves and other personal protection equipment such as knee/elbow pads are recommended but not required.


Full daylight:

  • Bright clothing, such as the Telemark Race Team dryland shirts, are required for visibility. Reflective clothing is recommended.

Approaching official sunset:

  • Any training event that occurs on open roads and is not complete before 15 minutes prior to official sunset requires the use of reflective vests (“visi-vests”) as an absolute minimum. Lighting is recommended.
  • Any training that occurs during weather that limits visibility, such as heavy rain or light fog, requires the use of reflective vests (“visi-vests”) as an absolute minimum. Lighting is recommended.
  • Roller ski training will not occur in dense fog.

Approaching civil twilight:

  • Neither the CCBC policy nor civic laws prohibit roller skiing after dark. The CCBC policy only restricts roller skiing when visibility is limited.  According to civil law, bicycles are required to have a forward facing white light and a rear facing red light, as well as reflectors, after civil twilight.  The Telemark Race Team requires the same guidelines if the workout will not be concluded prior to civil twilight.

Athlete considerations:

  • L2T and T2T athletes will be moved off of open roads prior to civil twilight always, with the goal of being off of open roads within 10 minutes of official sunset.
  • Athletes without the appropriate personal safety gear or visibility gear for the current conditions will have to abandon the workout, or find a way to complete the workout on a separated bike path or other lit off-road area.

Coaching considerations T2T and L2T:

  • The L2C and older athletes are considered to be mature and independent, and, on a regular basis, are responsible for their own training. The following policies apply to coaching L2T and T2T athletes.
  • There will be at least one trained coach for each scheduled workout.
  • There will be enough coaches and parent volunteers to ensure as close as possible to a one to eight adult to athlete ratio, with a minimum of two adults. One of these will be assigned as the sweep and will stay behind the last athlete.  There must always be an adult behind or with the last athlete.

Terrain considerations:

Ideally there would be low traffic roads with high width shoulders, hard climbs, and gradual downhill sections with fun, safe, corners and an even pavement surface.  In reality however, we have to work with the roads that are available.  Routes are chosen that fit as many of the above characteristics as are feasible.  When a route involves a challenging or intimidating descent, athletes are given the choice to either walk the section, or often we have a vehicle waiting at the top of the hill to shuttle athletes down.  Routes are also chosen to avoid downhill sections terminating at a stop sign or major intersection.

In Summary:

Athletes should attend evening practices prepared to rollerski in all conditions i.e. high vis shirt, reflective vest, front head light, rear facing red light, with gloves and other protective gear deemed necessary.  The above mentioned safety concerns will be strictly enforced.

Regional Camp Deadline Fast Approaching!

Hello Ski Fans,

Please Register for our Regional Snow Camp ASAP.

The Deadline is October 15th and the way the accommodations work this year late people will not be welcome.

Camp Notice Click Here!

Registration Link Click Here!

Thank You,

Adam Elliot