January 16, 2018

Loppet wax recommendation

Toko yellow/red mix or Swix LF8

Red/yellow mix is most easily done by pinching your yellow and red blocks together while melting it on the iron.  Careful, it goes on pretty fast!

Scraped and brushed, and base binder applied.


Fun Study-Together Group FoodSafe class!

Title: Fun Study-Together Group FoodSafe class!

Colleen Blaney and Rebecca Tyson are planning to host a group FoodSafe class some time in November – we’ll pick the date once we know the class list.  We’ll work together to take the online course (6 hours) and then the exam.  It will be a fun study-together event!  We are looking for a total of 7 people to get FoodSafe training to help run Telemark Race Team food fundraisers (crock-pot chili and BBQ hot-dogs) on Saturdays.  With that many people having FoodSafe, the volunteer requirement will be at most two Saturdays during the season.

Telemark will refund the cost of the course.  Colleen and I will do all the other organising.  If you are interested, please send an email to colleen.blaney@rd.com or rebecca.tyson@ubc.ca .  Thanks in advance for joining us!


Kelowna Cycle Team Buy Night for XC Racers


Team Buy Night for XC Racers!

Date: Nov 6th

Time: 6pm-8:00pm,


Location: Kelowna Cycle 2949 pandosy street

First out of the gate is Kelowna Cycle’s Team Buy Night with special pricing for members of the Telemark race team.

Kelowna Cycle has been a long supporter of the Telemark Club and especially the Race and Biathlon team.

Pricing is available to Telemark L2T, T2T, L2C and T2C x-c athletes, as well as Biathlon Bears, Development, and Advanced biathletes.


Attention parents you can relax have a little snack and a refreshment while your future super star is outfitted by one of our experts.

Kelowna Cycle has an extensive selection of equipment from Fischer, Atomic, Oneway and Alpina.

KC also has waxes and equipment at special pricing as well as clothing from Craft, Sugoi and Pearl Izumi.




Patrick Rosen




250.762.2453      103-2949 Pandosy St. Kelowna, B.C.,V1Y 1W1



778.484.7433                      1461 Sutherland Ave. Kelowna, B.C., V1Y 5Y4

T2T Wax clinic, run, and barbeque

For Saturday’s fun and antics, be sure to bring:

  1. Running gear
  2. Skate and classic skis for waxing
  3. Your wax kit

We’ll go for a good run starting at 10, then come back for a wax clinic chez Shipley (1604 Lambert).  Meet at my place, we’ll run directly from there.  I’ll  have sausages, buns, and condiments.  If you want to eat anything else, bring it!  Figure on being done by 2.


Thank you Team!

The cyclocross event was a great success today!  Thank you all for coming out, working hard, and making it happen.  It is so wonderful to see our team out together making this event happen.  A big thank you to Doug, Glynis, and Val for running the event this year and committing to next year (yes, now that it’s in print you’re stuck!).

A big Team Thank You to Kelowna Cycle for their years of supporting this event!


Weekend training and fundraiser

Hi Ski Fans!

We have a fun and exciting weekend ahead of us!

On Saturday we’ll be having a pretty full day.  The T2T gang will meet at Helen Gorman school at 10 am to roller ski up to Telemark (with options for starting higher up for some kids).  Once up there we’ll do some fun activities and goal setting for the year while the adults start building the cyclocross course for Sunday.  Bring:

  1. Roller ski equipment including high visibility clothing
  2. Dry warm clothes for the top
  3. Water
  4. Lunch
  5. Smiles

Sunday is our annual Cyclocross fundraiser.  This is a really fun event that Kelowna Cycle organizes for us each year.  There will be various kids categories for you to all race in if you want!

We need volunteers to make all of this happen.  Please sign up HERE for Saturday’s course building and Sunday’s event management.  The more the merrier, and the lighter the work.

T2T (previously TJR/TR1) Tuesday and Thursday

The first annual Poker Run was a hoot on Saturday!  Thanks for coming and making it such a great time!  This week’s plan:

Tuesday – Rose Valley hill bounding.  Lights and ski poles mandatory.  I promise not to do 5′ intervals!

Thursday – SEK rollerski skate.  We’re doing the short time trial.  It’s starting to get dark early so we’ll head out right away to the path to warm up.  I think a game of ultimate after would be fun!

The weekend is going to be a lot of fun too.  We have our first Telemark day, followed by building the course for Sunday’s cyclocross fundraiser!

Crawford Poker Run Time!

Hi everybody,

On Saturday September 30th we are going to do a fun running event in Crawford.  The general idea is that groups of kids navigate to spots on the trail system where they can get one card for getting there and another for doing a strength/balance/agility/general silliness at each station.  Best final poker hand gets prizes!  We need to have a pile of coaches and parents to help make this work!  We’ll meet at the Stewart Road East upper parking lot (the normal Crawford trailhead) for a 10:00 start.

Thank you!