December 16, 2017

Vernon NorAm Race Information

Athletes and Parents just a friendly reminder to please bring your skate skis on Saturday as we will be race waxing during the heats and afternoon races. Race Skis should be selected shortly after sprint qualifications.

L2C and T2C Team Race Goal: Be in Control of Your Mind! Please Study this Video to Learn More! Probably Too advanced for younger viewers.

Midget Skiers and Parents who are waxing their own skis should use LF Toko Red. If you don’t have this Swix LF8 will do for afternoon racing. Low Flouro Only for Midget Racing.

It is important that you are familiar with our Team Race Plan HERE! Found Under the “Events” Tab. Important information about warm up, arrival times and more are located here.

Obviously you all would have read the race notice HERE!

Below The Information on Technique is a small reminder of The Team Telemark Expectations and Team Goals!

Here is some important information about Technique Zones:

Violation of classical technique rules:

In Interval Start competitions and Sprint qualification any violation of classical technique (for example skating strides to maintain or increase the speed) will be considered to affect the results (due to improved time and better FIS points caused by the skating), and the jury will apply the appropriate sanction regardless of the time difference between skiers, even for a winning athlete.

Diagonal technique means the use of alternating diagonal movements of both arms and legs and includes diagonal stride and herringbone techniques. In diagonal technique only one pole is in the ground at any time.

The jury can sanction a skier for classical technique violations without video evidence and without a hearing from the athlete (ICR 352.1.2). The sanction can be given during the competition.

The Stadium Map for Saturdays race includes the location of the Technique zone for the Sprint:

The Technique Zone for the Saturday afternoon Mass Start Classic Race will be located on the A climb of the 2.5k course.

All technique zone markers will be in place for the Official Training Day on Friday. (They are up now.)

Team Telemark Expectations

Be Supportive of Each other
Encourage Each other
Mentor Each other
Be the Best you can Be
Have Fun and Keep Things Positive
Show up Prepared and on Time
Come to Training as Regularly as possible; 75% Attendance Minimum
Check the Website for Practise Locations and start times
To be appropriately prepared for all training and racing events including equipment, clean clothing, change of clothing, watch or heart rate monitor, nutrition, hydration and good attitude
To read and adhere to the Telemark Roller Ski Safety Policy which can be found on our website; Under Athletes Resources
To be responsible for the care and maintenance of their own equipment and team clothing for practices and event
Work Hard
Commitment to Skiing for Fall and Winter
Do your part of the Reporting
Fill out the “Goals” Tab
Keep Your Diary up to Date; 7 day limit
Follow the Plan to the best of your ability
I would like L2C and T2C to fill out at least 2 Fatigue Trackers
Subscribe to the Website and Read the Posts
Focus at training
Focus enough to ski properly when training
Ski fast enough to stay with the group when skiing reasonable Speeds
Inspire and Support the Whole Team
The athlete competes wearing the Team Telemark Race Suit in all major races including all BC Cups, Westerns, Nationals and World Junior /U23 Trials.
To compete with pride and to the best of your ability. Focus on sportsmanship, respect for yourself and your competitors at all events
Talk to, Encourage and Cheer on Younger Skiers

Team Telemark: Team Goals

Create a Supportive Training Environment in which athletes are prepared and  motivated to become the best they can be (as skiers) through Leadership of older skiers, encouragement from each other, focused training sessions, hard work, Fun and of course “Hunting and Destroying!”                      Also, Top 12 in Team Aggregate at Nationals in 2018

Volunteers Needed – Sovereign Lake NorAM Dec 9&10

Parents & Coaches

Here is the sign up link for the Sovereign Lake NorAm Dec 9th and 10th.

There is a full weekend of racing for all ages, which means volunteering!!!

We need a lot of volunteer support as our program, especially the older age groups, have grown tremendously

Please sign up here.



Nutrition tips for skiers

Nutrition tips for skiers

Athletes and parents here a few links with great advice on nutrition for athletes.

Link #1 from the Canadian Coaching Association website

This article discusses very practical advice on consuming fluids and foods during training and competition

Link #2 from our own website more information on nutrition with some great easy to follow advice from the Canadian Sports Institute



BC Cup Prince George Trip – RSVP required

Prince George BC Cup

Back by popular demand Team Telemark is planning on attending the PG BC Cup (Feb 3-4th, 2018)

We will be taking the Telemark Team Van.

Coaches: Brent, Kyle and Ross

Depart Kelowna Thursday Feb 1st at 4:30pm driving to Williams Lake staying in a hotel / motel

Feb 2nd Depart for Prince George ski trails

Feb 3rd Ski Race

Feb 4th Ski Race, departing for Kelowna immediately after races

Priority for the trip will be given to Juvenile skiers not attending the Eastern Canadian Championships. Juvenile and Midget Skiers Only – we will have seats for 12 athletes.

Estimated Cost:
Hotel $300 per athlete based on 2 -3 per room ( I have block booked rooms)
Food $75 – We will do some group meals at the hotel
Van Trip Fee $120

RSVP to Ross immediately to reserve a spot, before Dec 8th as I will then have to cancel any rooms we don’t need.

Race Season Ski Marking – IMPORTANT

Athletes and parents, as our race season is approaching please ensure that classic ski grip zones are marked clearly.  This makes wax techs happy, especially those with old eyes…plus you run the risk of not having optimal grip and glide!

If your skis are new to you, you have grown and/or gained weight, please use wax remover and a cloth or fibertex to remove all the old marks.

Once the skis are clean or if they are new then grip zones need identified.

Here is what we would like:

  1. Your name clearly marked on the skis
  2. Whether the skis are Hardwax or Klister skis.

Go to your friendly neighbourhood ski store and ask them to help you with marking your skis using a pressure gauge.  Coaches Paul and Ross can assist with this.

  1.  For the front grip zone: Apply 50%  body weight 8cm behind the balance point.  Use feeler gauges to mark .05mm, .1mm, .2mm, .3mm and .5mm on the skis.  These can be marked as .5, 1, 2, 3 and 5 beside the vertical mark.
  2. For the rear grip zone; Apply 66% of body weight 15cm behind the balance point.  Use feeler gauges to mark .05, .1mm, .2mm, .3mm and .5mm on the skis.  These can be marked as .5, 1, 2, 3 and 5 beside the vertical mark

Please mark the skis grip zones with either a black or silver sharpie (for dark sidewalls).  It is an athlete’s responsibility to remark the lines if they are removed due to cleaning.



Race Team Mommies’ Night In

The race team moms enjoyed their second annual “night in” at the McKinnon house.  They enjoyed conversation, food and drink, lots of drink, without having to worry about driving home.  They were fortunate enough to have door-to-door delivery courtesy of the “Telemark bus”, driven by this handsome devil, snappily dressed in his Telemark chauffeur uniform.  Thanks to all of the ladies who came to make this year another success.  To the few who were not able to attend, we’ll catch you next year!

Non Frozen Thunder L2C Learn To Compete (old TR2) athletes Oct 30-Nov 4th

This week while Adam is away, Coach Ross will be running the L2C practices

Tuesday Oct 31st (yes I know its Halloween) RVE 5pm trail run (headlamps mandatory), also bring an exercise / yoga mat for core

Thursday Nov 2nd – Meet at Bankhead 5pm, skate ski to Knox Mtn. for intervals with Shuttling

Saturday Nov 4th – Gellatly Classic 9am (with classic TT)

Second Annual Race Mommies’ Night In

Second Annual Race Mommies’ Night In

What: A night to socialize, eat, drink, meet new Mommies and have a lot of laughs.

When: Saturday, November 11th, 7:00 pm

Where: McKinnon House @ 1092 Caledonia Way


Please bring whatever you prefer to drink and something nibbly to share.