January 21, 2019

Upcoming Race Season Ski Marking – IMPORTANT

Our older athletes spent 6 days on snow last week at Frozen Thunder and most likely practices this weekend will shift to Sovereign Lake to get access to early snow.

Athletes and parents, as our race season is approaching please ensure that classic ski grip zones are marked clearly.  This makes wax techs happy, especially those with old eyes…plus you run the risk of not having optimal grip and glide!  You do not want a grumpy wax tech…

If your skis are new to you, you have grown and/or gained weight, please use wax remover and a cloth or fibertex to remove all the old marks.

Once the skis are clean or if they are new then grip zones need identified.

Here is what we would like:

  1. Your name clearly marked on the skis
  2. Whether the skis are Hardwax or Klister skis.  If you only have one pair then don’t worry about this.

Go to your friendly neighbourhood ski store and ask them to help you with marking your skis using a pressure gauge with the following procedure.

  1.  For the front grip zone: Apply 50%  body weight 8cm behind the balance point.  Use feeler gauges to mark .05mm, .1mm, .2mm, .3mm and .5mm on the skis.  These can be marked as .5, 1, 2, 3 and 5 beside the vertical mark.
  2. For the rear grip zone; Apply 66% of body weight 15cm behind the balance point.  Use feeler gauges to mark .05, .1mm, .2mm, .3mm and .5mm on the skis.  These can be marked as .5, 1, 2, 3 and 5 beside the vertical mark

Please mark the skis grip zones with either a black or silver sharpie (for dark sidewalls).  It is an athlete’s responsibility to remark the lines if they are removed due to cleaning.  Marking the top sheet of the ski is a great idea to help remark the sidewall of the ski.



2018 Frozen Thunder Race Registration Open

Here is the 2018 Frozen Thunder Race Notice (link)

Zone 4 Registration (Link)

Details to follow on trip specifics




Highly recommended for Midget and up skiers.

Link Here: CCC Online Store

Club: Telemark Nordic.

Team Official: Brent Hobbs

Coach Name: Adam Elliot

Coach NCCP level: L2C

Coach NCCP#: 984975

Team: Team Telemark




David Walker selected for FIS 2019 World University Games

David Walker selected for FIS 2019 World University Games

Long time Team Telemark member David Walker will be representing Canada at the World University Games in Krasnoyarsk, Russia in March of 2019.  Canadian skiers, attending full time university study, qualified for the games during the 2017-2018 season.  David was 2nd overall in the distance points list.

David is leaving Kelowna in the fall to continue his studies at U Vic.  While Victoria isn’t blessed with great skiing we are sure David will keep himself in great shape for the games!

More information on Canada’s team can be found here

18-19 CCC Coaching Licence Renewal – Free to coaches

Registration for the 2018-19 CCC Coaching License is open


All coaches coaching for more than 7 hours/year need to sign up for the CCC Coaching License before starting to coach after July 1st 2018. On July 1st 2018, the CCC Coaching License will be necessary to continue benefiting from CCC’s liability insurance coverage along other benefits.



Nickelplate Spring skiing

Grooming at Nickelplate will be on Friday May 18th and Sunday May 20th,  ski conditions are reported as good.

I will be going up only Sunday and if anyone is interested in carpooling let Ross know.



Spring Skiing at Nickel plate May 17-21

Nickelplate will be open for spring skiing May 17-21.  Athletes from Canada’s Paranordic ski team along with athletes from the Foothills Nordic and Rocky Mtn. Racers ski club will be skiing.

Coach Ross is planning on attending early Saturday and Sunday and will provide more details later in the week as plans may change due to the warm weather.  I’ll update the website later in the week.

The plan is for the trails to be groomed and skiers will be asked to contribute to the grooming costs.

L2C / T2C Injury Questionnaire

L2C and T2C athletes:

A pilot injury questionnaire has been emailed to either your or your parent’s email address.  Please print and return to Ross at practice, or scan and email back.  If you haven’t received it please contact me.

Your assistance is appreciated!  Ross