November 20, 2018

What happened – Telemark Cross Country Hosts B.C. Championships!

The Telemark Nordic Center was over run with cross country ski racers from across B.C. and the Northwestern U.S., when the club hosted the Teck B.C. Cup #3 and the Provincial Championships, February 28 to March 2.

“This was the largest race that has been held in B.C.,“ says Competition Secretary and parent volunteer, Jillian Stamp.  “We had over 600 skiers, coaches and wax technicians at the Nordic Center for each of the 3 days”.   The third and final race in the Teck B.C. Cup Series, skiers received individual race medals in each age category.   As well, aggregate awards and the club trophy were presented at the dessert banquet on Saturday night.   “ Telemark puts on a good race,” Stamp adds.  “We are central enough to draw skiers from across B.C. and Alberta and U.S. teams enjoy coming here as well.”  Athletes from all the B.C. clubs, as well as Canmore Alberta, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming and Washington State attended the race.  Methow Valley, just south of the Canadian border, sent the largest American team, of 25 skiers.

Athletes aged 5, to 55 plus, skied courses ranging from 1 to 15km.  Friday saw mass start races, (all racers in each division start as a group) with “freestyle” or “skate” technique and the first skier over the line wins.  Saturday had the racers going out individually every 15 seconds, racing classic technique, with the fastest time winning.  Sunday races were team relays, again using freestyle technique.

It takes a lot of help to host such a big event.  “We had 60 to 70 volunteers each day,” notes Jillian Stamp.  “That was more than 200 volunteer positions over the 3 days.”  Groomers and course setters were on snow at 5:00 am each day and the last course marker was put away around 4:00pm on Sunday afternoon.

“We had a lot of excellent results,” notes Telemark Junior Racers coach Adam Elliot.  “We were third in the province as a club, which is great.  Gareth Williams and David Walker skied really well and we had good results from some of the younger boys including Nikhil Filatow, Garrett Siever, Greyson Mckinnon  Ian Mayer, Ian Williams and Hamish Graham.  Jasmine Filatow and Alexandra Myshak-Davis were top medal earners for the girls.” “It’s important to note the size of the fields that we had,” Elliot points out.  “Several races had over 30 skiers, including Alberta and U.S athletes, and sometimes a 5th place in the race would actually have been a podium spot if we only looked at B.C. finishes.”  “I am proud of everyone’s effort,” he added.

“Friday was clear and sunny with a hard packed course and temperatures just below freezing,” recalls Chief of Course David Llyod, from Kelowna Cycle.  “The glide waxing was not difficult and the racers had fast conditions, which they like”.

Skiers for Telemark in the mass start freestyle races included; Jasmine Filatow, 2nd Atom Girls3 and Calla Haaheim 7th, Atom Girls2.

Justin Siever was 5th and Jonah Hawes 8th in Pee Wee Boys1.  Nikhil Filatow came 1st,  closely followed by Garrett Siever 3rd, in Pee Wee Boys2.   Tamasin Graham finished 4th and Kaelin Urness 7th in Pee Wee Girls1.  Andrea Kraetzer placed 8th for Pee Wee Girls2.  In Bantam Boys2, Grayson Mckinnon came 4th, Tristan Lee 10th and Connor Hobbs 12th.   Ian Mayer was 5th and Gregor Graham 6th in the Bantam Boys1 category.  Midget Boys 2 saw Ian Williams place 6th and Ben Shipley 12th.  Hamish Graham was 4th, with Cameron McInnes 6th, Carter Fortney 12th and Liam Hawes 13th in Midget Boys1.  For Midget Girls 1, Sally Haaheim came 5th, Michelle Kraetzer 15th and Abigail Ertel 16th.  Veronika Dimova finished 6th and Madeleine Ertel 10th for Juvenile Girls2.  In Juvenile Boys1, Rowan Webster came 18th and Chase Stewart 22nd.  Competing in Junior Girls1, Dana Allen finished 9th.  In the Junior Boys1 group, Gareth Williams took 1st followed by David Walker in 3rd.  Kurt Behnsen and Jasper Mackenzie raced Open MenU23 and came 6th and 8th. Alexandra Myshak-Davis finished 2nd in Junior Women1.

“Saturday weather was a different story,” exclaimed Llyod   “The temperature had dropped about 10 degrees and we had light snow all day.”

Telemark Racers finished the classic, individual start, courses as follows.

Jonah Benoit was 4th for Atom Boys2, with Mika Aaserud 6th.  Brody Melnyk finished 2nd in Atom Boys1 and Oden Ransom was 6th in Atom Boys3.  In Atom Girls3, Jasmine Filatow came 3rd and team mate Aya Sentesy was 4th, with Kaia Ross 6th.  Katie Kershaw was 1st  for Atom Girls1.  For Atom Girls2,  Calla Haaheim finished 5th.  Garrett Siever and Nikhil Filatow were 1 and 2 for Pee Wee Boys2 followed by Alec Miller 11th, Pascal Benoit 13th and Cameron Hobbs in 14th place.  Brother Justin Siever came 5th in Pee Wee Boys1, with Jonah Hawes 6th and Jacob Miller 15th.  Tamasin Graham finished 6th, with Daniella Plaxton 8th and Taylor Meinyk 10th in Pee Wee Girls1.  Ian Mayer was 5th in Bantam Boys 1, followed by Gregor Graham 6th and Mason Hawes 8th.  Grayson Mckinnon skied 3rd in Bantam Boys2, while Tristan Lee was 10th and Connor Hobbs 11th.  For Bantam Girls 2, Sophie Lachapelle finished 9th and Mary Benoit 19th.  Ian Williams, Ben Shipley and Matt Shipley went 4,5 and 6 for Midget Boys2 and Midget Boys1 saw Hamish Graham come 3rd and Cameron McInnes 6th.   In the Midget Girls 1 race, Michelle Kraetzer placed 5th, with Sally Haaheim coming 8th and Abigail Ertel 16th.  Sister Madeleine Ertel was 6th  for Juvenile Girls2, with Veronika Dimova placing 10th.  Rowan Webster finished 17th for Juvenile Boys1.   Dana Allen completed the Junior Girls1 race 11th.   Junior Boys1 Gareth Williams and David Walker finished 1,2 and Alexandra Myshak-Davis was also 1st for Junior Women1   The senior racer on the team, Kurt Behnsen completed the U23 Men’s course in 8th place.

Sunday relay races were both competitive and fun, with teams of 3 skiers from each club and crazy names and face paint to identify the members.  Top Telemark finishers were the Telennosaurus team of Garrett Siever, Nikhil Filatow and Justin Siever,  who were first for Pee Wee Boys3.  Ben Shipley, Ian Williams and Matt Shipley skied 3rd as the Sexy Salimanders in the Midget Boys3 category and Telemark Tough Guys aka Kurt Behnsen, Jasper Mackenzie and Jon Sader were 4th in the U23 Men.

Aggregate awards are based on finishes in all three B.C. Cup races and Telemark collected a good number of awards.

Category                      Girls                             Boys

Pee Wee1  `                                                    Justin Siever 3rd

Pee Wee2                                                        Nikhil Filatow 1st
                                                                        Garrett Siever 2nd

Bantam2                                                         Grayson McKinnon 3rd

Midget 2                                                           Ian Williams 3rd

Juvenile 2                    Madeline Ertel 3rd

Junior 1                                                           Gareth Wiliams 1st
                                                                        David Walker 3rd

Junior Women              Alexandra Myshak-Davis 2nd


U 23 Men                                                         Kurt Behnsen 1st

“Thiswas the last race of the season”, says Elliot.  “Next week David Walker and Gareth Williams are off to Cornerbrook Newfoundland for a week of competition at the Canadian National Championships.  We wish them good luck”                                     

Photographers & Videographers Required

Next weekend is the much anticipated Teck BC Championships at Telemark Nordic. With the best skiers in British Columbia battling it out and racing alongside some very keen American Teams and a few Albertans who just can’t keep away from this awesome event.

We know that the media will be showing up, but we are going to need a hand. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a photographer or are handy with a video camera we would love you to go snap or capture happy.

It would be fantastic to have a presentation of pictures at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday night of the past two days events. We can provide the projector and screen. But we need the pictures!!!!!

If you are an amateur or professional photographer, there is a lot of opportunity to post your pictures online and have over 600 racers plus+++ visiting your site and work.


If you feel that you or someone you know can help capture the spirit of this weekend on camera and film please contact

Scott Davis

BC Cup#2 Sun Jan 26 Classic – MASS START

Oficial start times can be found here on Zone 4 

Event BC Cup #2 Kamloops Race Management Plan
Date Sun Jan 26 Classic – MASS START
Race Notice
Course Maps
Glide Wax your skis with: Clean off all grip wax.  Glide wax with Swix LF7 or Toko Red, Scraped, Brushed ready to ski
Athlete Meetings
Distance/Course 0.9km 2 x 0.9km 2.5km 3.75km 2 x 3.75km 5km 2 X 5km 2 x 3.75km 3 x 5km 2 x 5km 3 x 5km
Start Times 10:10 10:20 10:30 10:40 10:50 10:55 11:00 11:05 11:10 11:15 11:20
Start Warmup 9:25 9:35 9:45 9:55 10:05 10:10 10:15 10:20 10:25 10:30 10:35
Test Skis At 9:10 9:20 9:30 9:40 9:50 9:55 10:00 10:05 10:10 10:15 10:20
At Race & pick up bib 8:55 9:05 9:15 9:25 9:35 9:40 9:45 9:50 9:55 10:00 10:05
Depart Hotel 8:10 8:20 8:30 8:40 8:50 8:55 9:00 9:05 9:10 9:15 9:20
Testing Kick Scott/Paul
Arrive at 6:15
Wax Bench Staff
1 Oversee waxing Scott
2 Wax Coordinator Paul S. continue to test if conditions are changing
Wax Help Arrive at 7:30am
3 Bench -touchups James W.
4 Bench Mark Filatow
5 Bench Marianna Dimova
6 Bench Alistair G
7 Bench Lee Ann Yapp
8 Bench Trent Marshall
9 Bench Tim Mayer
10 Bench Sean Siever
Bib Pickup Kari Bailey / Wendy W. / Bonnie LaChapelle
Athlete responsible to check bib number matches start list
Athlete/Parent Coordinator Ross McKinnon
Warm Up Crew/Pepp Talk
1 PEE WEE Deepa/ Wendy / Cory
2 BANTAM Ross / Bonnie / LeAnn /Mike E.
3 MIDGET Alistair / Wendy /Paul (if conditions are easy)

BC Cup #2 Kamloops -Sat 25th times

Link to : 2014 Teck BC Cup #2 Start List for Jan 25th

Event BC Cup #2 Kamloops Race Management Plan
Date Sat Jan 25 Free – INDIVIDUAL START
Race Notice
Course Maps
Glide Wax your skis with: Glide wax with Swix LF7 or Toko Red, Scraped, Brushed ready to ski
Classic Skis for SUN RACE are to be given to wax co-coordinator (Gord M.) on Saturday 25th skate race
Distance/Course 0.9km 2 x 0.9km 2.5km 3.75km 5km 5km 2 X 5km 2 x 3.75km 3 x 5km 2 x 5km 3 x 5km
Start Times 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 12:00 12:15 12:25 12:30 12:35 12:35 12:40
Start Warmup 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:40 11:45 11:50 11:50 11:55
Be at Race and pick up bib 9:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:10 11:15 11:20 11:20 11:25
Skis to Wax tent 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 10:55 11:00 11:05 11:05 11:10
Depart Hotel 9:00 9:15 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:15 10:25 10:30 10:35 10:35 10:40
Testing Glide Scott/Paul
Arrive at 8:30
Wax Bench Staff
1 Oversee waxing (Radio) Scott D. (fluros /top coat)
2 Wax Coordinator (Radio) Paul S. will start grip testing for sundays classic race when available
Arrive at 9:30am
3 Bench James W.
4 Bench Tim M. / Trent Marshall
5 Bench David W.
6 Bench available to start classic ski prep
7 Bench available to start classic ski prep
Bib Pickup Kari Bailey / Wendy W. / Bonnie LaChapelle
Athlete responsible to check bib number matches start list
Athlete/Parent Coordinator Ross McKinnon
Warm Up Crew/Pepp Talk
1 PEE WEE Deepa, Sean S., Kari B., Cory
2 BANTAM Ross M, Leann Yapp, Bonnie LaChapelle
3 MIDGET Paul S,. James W., Alistair G., Tim M.

Kelowna Cycle to Donate Proceeds

You are more than welcome to all join Kelowna Cycle Wednesday 13th 6:30-9pm at their Annual NNN November Nordic Night.
An evening to look over the great selection of nordic equipment and clothing they have in stock.
During the course of the evening Kelowna Cycle will be paying-forward a % of all sales to the local Non-Profit ski clubs of Telemark Nordic & Kelowna Nordic up to $1000 each.
However as you know this is always a very busy night so we also recommend that you book a time to come to store and take the time to get  properly fitted with any equipment.

Complimentary beverages and wine and fabulous food from Valoroso Foods


20% off all wax
20% off all nordic poles
20% off all clothing
Make a custom package and get 20% off all parts.
(package is minimum of 3 items, in stock only)

Free Kelowna Cycle ski bag with every package purchase (limited quantities, no rain checks)

A cool and successful Teck BC Cup 2

2013-01-12 13.27.26It was a little colder than usual this weekend at Telemark Nordic Club in West Kelowna, but that did not stop close to 400 athletes from taking part in the second of the Teck BC Cup race series. The cool temperatures after a week of heavy snowfall meant the courses were in great shape for both days.

Saturday featured two different classic sprint courses running side by side simultaneously. There were a few spills on the hills and around the tighter corners.  The fast-paced event was exciting for both the racers and the spectators. The multiple distance courses were short and not too hilly but still a good challenge for all age categories.  Local highlights saw Telemark’s Jonah Hawes and Justin Siever finish second and third in the Atom Boys A Final. Other results included: Grayson McKinnon 3rd Bantam Boy, Ian Williams 4th Midget Boy, David Walker 5th Juvenile Boy, Alexandra Myshak-Davis 3rd Junior Girl.

Evening News – Nordic skiing
About 400 competitors took part in the B.C. Teck Cup this weekend. Robert Buffam reports

Read it on Global News: Nordic skiing – Evening News – Videos | CHBC News

Sunday was an interval start skate event. The racers started 15secs apart and raced  “against the clock”. Course distances ranged from 1km for the Atom categories, to 10km for the Open and Masters Categories. The courses were challenging but fun. The majority of climbing was in the first half of the 5 km loop and the downhills provided swooping corners and rollers. Local highlights again saw Jonah Hawes and Justin Siever finish second and third in the Atom Boys. Other results included: Jasmine Filatow 5th Atom Girl, Ian Mayer 5th Pee Wee Boy, Michelle Kraetzer 5th Bantam Girl, Ian Williams 5th Midget Boy, Gareth Williams 2nd Juvenile Boy, David Walker 4th Juvenile Boy, Alexandra Myshak-Davis 2nd Junior Girl.

Saturday’s Results:

Qualification times:
Sprint heats:
Sunday’s Results:


Photos from the event can be downloaded here from DropBox:

Drop Box Photos Teck BC Cup 2


Cross Country BC, the provincial governing body for cross-country skiing in British Columbia, is a non-for-profit, club-based organization of more than 16,000 members. Cross Country BC offers programs and services to support the continuous development of cross-country skiing for all ages and abilities, from introductory experiences to international excellence. Teck Resources Ltd. is the title sponsor of Cross Country BC’s Skier Development Program, thereby supporting excellence in sport and providing youth with experiences that will help them prepare for the future.

Uniform Payment Button

This button is set up to donate, but we are using it to pay or uniforms as it is the simplist way to get this done.
Thanks all, from Scott Davis

Kelowna Cycle donations to the race team

Last night at the Nordic Open house Patrick Rosen and the staff at Kelowna Cycle along with some other community nordic donations presented $3000 donation towards the Start wax table and bulk waxes to the Telemark Race team & also a $1000 cheque raised at the Kelowna Cycle cyclo-cross race on Oct 28th. Your support as a team or friends of our team to ALL our sponsors is appreciated. Their generous support makes it possible for us to offer our athletes the opportunity to train locally in a world-class X-C race program:

Kelowna Cycle makes $3000 donation towards waxes, tools & bench

Thanks to Kelowna Cycle for their continued support of our Telemark Programs!