February 25, 2018

BC Champs Relay Teams


Your first job is to get together to plan your team name and your costumes.  Email or text your team name to Coach Paul!.  Do not choose costumes that keep you from skiing well (ie, no onesies)!  I will be doing the registration Friday night.  Any team names not chosen will suffer the horrible fate of being given names that I invent.  I haven’t used Fuzzy Little Bunnies yet.

PeeWee Boys

Kai – Starter
Rio – Middle
Erik – Anchor

PeeWee Girls

Ayla – unofficial team
Madeleine – unofficial team

Midget Boys

Finn – Starter
Jonah – Middle
Jacob – Anchor

Nikhil – Starter
Nathan – Middle
Garett – Anchor

Rowan – Starter
Justin – Middle
Cameron – Anchor

Oden – unofficial team

Midget Girls

Kaelin – Starter
Lauren – Middle
Aya – Anchor

Sofie – Starter
Kendra – Middle
Jasmine – Anchor

Tova – unofficial team

Junior Men

Ben – Starter
Ian M – Middle
Colton B – Anchor

Tristan – Starter
Grayson – Middle
Gregor – Anchor

Connor – Starter
Philip – Middle
Cole – Anchor

Mason – Starter
Hamish – Middle
Matt – Anchor

Junior Women

Annika – Starter
Carolyn – Middle
Sally – Anchor

Open and Master Men

Greg K – Starter
David W – Middle
Tim M-B – Anchor

Chris – Starter
Ben A – Middle
Sean – Anchor

Kyle – Starter
Francis – Middle
Greg R – Anchor

Ross – Starter
Mark – Middle
Paul – Anchor

Brent – Starter
Dave U – Middle
Brian – Anchor

Open and Masters Women

Ingrid – Starter
Sandy – Middle
Alison – Anchor


The fine print:  Relay teams are final and were chosen by the program lead coaches based on prior performance and commitment.  In case of last minute illness/injury some changes may occur.  Athletes listed as “unofficial team” will be, to the best of our ability, put on teams with athletes from other clubs.  Don’t forget that relays are for fun, SO HAVE FUN!

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