January 16, 2018

BC Cup #1 Whistler Olympic Park – Team plan

Here are important details for the upcoming BC Cup races in Whistler Olympic Park at the Callaghan Valley ski trails

If you haven’t already, please sign up to volunteer here

Race Notice here:

Weather:  Callaghan valley weather can best be described as predictably unpredictable (the kind of weather that keeps wax techs from sleeping at night).  So please be prepared for any and every kind of weather (who remembers the sprint day of the BC Champs 2 years ago?).  Weather from the Callaghan Valley can be found here

Arrival: Please try to ski the courses (classic and skate courses might be slightly different) on Friday afternoon, skiing the course on race day can be difficult as the courses are closed during racing.

I will try to get there by 1:30 on Friday to test some grip and get our waxing equipment & tent set up.  We are also renting a wax trailer where all the team equipment will be located.

Skis: It is each athletes responsibility to bring have skis properly prepared for racing.  This would include being clean, your name clearly visible and with grip zones properly marked.  Ski marking link is here.

BC Cup races are Low Fluoro only (YAY !!!)

Classic Skis: Please bring skis ready to ski classic on Friday, if you own a warmup pair ski on those and have the race skis glide waxed with Swix LF8 or Toko Yellow.  If you are skiing on your race skis Friday they will need to be cleaned & re glide waxed on Friday afternoon.  Race ski grip zones should NOT have any binder wax (in case we make hairies) in the grip zone.  Classic skis for racing Saturday will be kept in the team wax trailer Friday night.

Skate Skis: Please bring skate skis glide waxed but not scraped with Swix LF8 or Toko Yellow  Give these to the wax techs on Saturday after your cool down.

Start lists will be posted on Zone4.ca on Friday.  Athletes need to arrive 90 minutes prior to their race start time.

Day 1 Interval Start Classic  First Category 11 am start time

Classic course maps

Day 2 Mass Start Skate First Category 10am start

Skate course maps

Team Meeting 8pm Friday and Saturday nights in the breakfast area of the Sandman Hotel and Suites in Squamish, BC

Parents ‘meeting’ Saturday 5 pm location TBA