November 19, 2018

BC Sprint Championships 2018

BC Sprint Championships February 3rd and 4th 2018

Latest Information:

This is a low key event run as a Nationals Preparation

Race Notice:

9 am Saturday March 3rd 2018 Free Sprint Qualifier, Heats and Team Sprint; Done By 10:50 am

8 am Sunday March 4th 2018 Classic Kings Court Sprint Heats (Saturday Qualifier used); Done By 9:50 am

Location: Telemark Nordic Club

Rules: FIS ICR – CCR (Canadian Competition Rules) Precisions 2017

Registration: Have Club Coach email a list of Skiers with YOB to by the end of February 1st

Eligibility: Skiers Born 2004 or Earlier

Trail Fees: Valid Trail Pass required; Free Race Entry

GLIDE WAX: Cross Country BC respectfully requests all coaches, wax technicians and parents abide by a PROTOCOL: self-governed protocol while waxing skis for athletes racing in ALL age categories at all BC Cup races (and includes the BC Championships). This protocol also applies to coaches, athletes, wax technicians and parents traveling to BC from out-of-province or out-of-country. The Low Flouro Glide Waxing Protocol is as follows: · Structure tools ARE permitted. · Non-Fluoro (NF) or Low Fluoro (LF) glide waxes ARE permitted. · Medium Fluoro (MF) or High Fluoro (HF) glide waxes are NOT permitted. · Pure Fluoro glide waxes (powders, pucks, blocks and liquid) are NOT permitted. · Cold weather powder additives and hardeners are NOT permitted. The adherence to this protocol is self-governed and is the responsibility of the coaches, parents and wax technicians.


WEATHER: For trail and snow conditions or visit