September 25, 2017

Crawford Poker Run Time!

Hi everybody,

On Saturday September 30th we are going to do a fun running event in Crawford.  The general idea is that groups of kids navigate to spots on the trail system where they can get one card for getting there and another for doing a strength/balance/agility/general silliness at each station.  Best final poker hand gets prizes!  We need to have a pile of coaches and parents to help make this work!  We’ll meet at the Stewart Road East upper parking lot (the normal Crawford trailhead) for a 10:00 start.

Thank you!


Apple Bowl Testing Results

Hello Ski Fans,

Below is the Critical Speed Results:


We are now “Van People”

Our team is now the proud owner of a 2014 Ford 350 15 seat passenger van.  It made its maiden voyage yesterday to Revelstoke for the BCST/BCDT training camp.  Coach Brent drove and Jenna Sim rode shotgun.    We had 8 athletes in total.  Jenna was very helpful packing the van (she has many years’ experience packing and unpacking the Hollyburn Team van) and she laid out some pretty important ground rules:  “No Puking, No Farting, No Foul Body Odors, Keep the Van Clean.”  Needless to say, we had a safe and odor-free trip to Revelstoke.  Thank you Tallon Noble for the Art Rock tunes.  That matched Coach Brent’s musical sensibilities.

Hotel Bookings for BC Cup 1 and BC Midget Championships

Hello Ski Fans,

Hotels have been booked for the 2 out of town weekend races. If you intend to race in either of these events please reserve your accommodation. Release dates are shown.

BC CUP #1 Whistler Olympic Park (Callaghan Valley)
Squamish Sandman
T: (604)848-6000
20 rooms (2 X queen), nights of Jan 4 – 6/18
Group name: Telemark Racers
Rate: $102.19/night + tax
Includes breakfast
Release date: November 20/17
BC Midget Champs Revelstoke (YOB 2005 to 2008)
Days Inn Revelstoke
T: 1-800-363-2297 (Group Sales), Confirmation #89536027
15 rooms (2 X queen), nights of March 2 & 3/18
Rate: $287.30/2 nights + tax
Includes breakfast
Release date: Feb 23/18
Thanks to Sean Siever for organizing this.

Apple Bowl Testing Sept 19th 2017

Hello Ski Fans,

Tuesday, September 19th, the entire team will be meeting at the Apple Bowl for our Critical Speed testing at 5pm. The First test will start at 5:20 so if you are a little late we will be warming up. We would like all athletes 13 and older to complete at least one of these test sessions per season. This is an opportunity to improve your results and to compare yourself to others in the country plus current and past Telemark skiing Heros!

The Evening will look like this: 5:00 Warmup, 5:20 Test 1, 5:35 Testing and Metrics Discussion, 6:00 NST Strength Test 2, 6: 35 Prep for next test, 6:50 Test3 and done by 7pm.

Test 1, 5:20, 13 and older will run the 3000 m. 12 and under will run the 1000 m.

Test 2, 6:00, is the NST Strength test. 2 people will start this test every 2 minutes and they will do 1 minute of an activity with 1 minute break between. The order of the test is Pull-ups, Sit-ups, Push-ups, Box Jumps and Dips. You will have a partner who helps you count your repetitions. When you have completed the test you will count for your partner’s test.

Test 3, 6:50, the 13 and older will run the 1000 m. 12 an under will run the 400 m possibly in two heats depending on numbers.

Despite how difficult this sounds everyone has a really good time doing the testing.

Thank You,


Welcome Back Party/Registration/AGM

When: Sunday October 1st, 4:30-7:30 pm
Where: Paddle Centre (KLO and Lakeshore).
* you can rent a paddleboard at a significant discount ($10/person). Bring warm clothes, towel and lifejacket
Potluck: Please bring something to share. A sign up sheet will go out in advance. We will also have access to a BBQ.
Registration: Information to follow. Similar to last year, we will request that you bring post-dated cheques for the entire season and register on Zone 4.
Annual General Meeting: While the kids play, the parents will meet to attend to some team business. Agenda to follow.
See you at the party! Questions? Feel free to email Coach Brent

It’s getting dark out…Visi-vests, front lights and rear blinkers required for Rollerskiing

Sunset tomorrow is approx. 7:15pm

All roller ski groups are by Telemark policy required to adhere to the following;

Approaching official sunset:

  • Any training event that occurs on open roads and is not complete before 15 minutes prior to official sunset requires the use of reflective vests (“visi-vests”) as an absolute minimum. Lighting is recommended.
  • Any training that occurs during weather that limits visibility, such as heavy rain or light fog, requires the use of reflective vests (“visi-vests”) as an absolute minimum. Lighting is recommended.
  • Roller ski training will not occur in dense fog.

Approaching civil twilight:

  • Neither the CCBC policy nor civic laws prohibit roller skiing after dark. The CCBC policy only restricts roller skiing when visibility is limited.  According to civil law, bicycles are required to have a forward facing white light and a rear facing red light, as well as reflectors, after civil twilight.  The Telemark Race Team requires the same guidelines if the workout will not be concluded prior to civil twilight.

Full policy Telemark Rollerski safety link here

TR1 and younger plan for the next week

Hi Ski Fans!

Our apologies for the late notice on this one!

Saturday:  Run and strength at Mission Creek Regional Park.  We’ll meet at the playground at 10am.  If you have a mat for strength, bring it.  We’ll go for a run, some games, and some strength.  All athletes TR1 and younger are welcome.

Tuesday:  SEK 6pm SK roller ski.  You will need roller skis, poles with tips on, helmet, gloves, reflective clothing.  We’ll be doing a gear check to make sure everything is in safe order, so if you can, come a bit early.  All athletes TR1 and younger welcome.  If you are going to the Revelstoke camp this is a prime opportunity to up your roller ski game before going!

Winter is coming!