September 25, 2018

Register for The Regional Snow Camp Now

Hello Ski Fans,

The Regional Snow Camp 1 Registration is now open. I will need to confirm registration number immediately after Registration Closes on October 15th so we should not take any late entries as we will not likely have any extra space. This camp is intended for 2006 and older skiers. Contact me if you have age limit concerns.

Camp Notice is Here!

and the Registration is Here!

Thank You,

Adam Elliot

Van Departure for Whistler September 25th 2018

Hello Ski Fans,

11:45 am at Adam’s House to load the Van for the BCST trip to Whistler.

Bring a Headlamp just in case! Have your running stuff available in your travel pack. Again, 1 Duffle Bag, Breakfast and Lunch food in a Cooler or Box, Travel Day Pack, homework pack and Your Roller Ski stuff is all you should bring.

The van will depart at Noon!


Adam Elliot

Volunteers for Sun Rype Marathon

Hi skiers. We have a fundraising opportunity at the Sun Rype Marathon on Oct 7th.  Please sign up for an aid station, or other duty here . Val and Sean would appreciate a complete sign up list by October 1st.

Registration, Party, Annual Meeting Oct 2nd.

Parents and Athletes. Please note that we will be hosting our annual Season Registration/Parent Meeting on Tuesday October 2nd from 5-7 pm at the Paddling Centre on Abbott St. While the parents attend to Race Team business, the kids will be cross-training on Stand Up Paddle Boards. This will be a Pot Luck as well. Details to follow.

Important Change of Plans Apple Bowl

Hello Ski Fans,

The Track which was open last week is now closed again until Wednesday. So that means we need to change our plans for today and Thursday. Now T2C and L2C will be up basing today’s workouts out of South East Kelowna Elementary School. If coming this morning park at the North End of the Playing fields where the road does the 90. T2T Knox Mountain at 6 PM.

Tuesday, September 18th 2018, SEK Skate Skiing: T2C at 10 am and L2C at 5 pm.

Tuesday, September 18th 2018, T2T Knox Mountain 6 pm. Bring Your Hill-bounding Poles. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Thursday, September 20th, the entire team will be meeting at the Apple Bowl for our Critical Speed testing at 5pm. The First test will start at 5:20 so if you are a little late we will be warming up. We would like all athletes 13 and older to complete at least one of these test sessions per season. This is an opportunity to improve your results and to compare yourself to others in the country plus current and past Telemark skiing Heros!

The Evening will look like this: 5:00 Warmup, 5:20 Test 1, 5:35 Testing and Metrics Discussion, 6:00 NST Strength Test 2, 6: 35 Prep for next test, 6:50 Test3 and done by 7pm.

Test 1, 5:20, 13 and older will run the 3000 m. 12 and under will run the 1000 m.

Test 2, 6:00, is the NST Strength test. 2 people will start this test every 2 minutes and they will do 1 minute of an activity with 1 minute break between. The order of the test is Pull-ups, Sit-ups, Push-ups, Box Jumps and Dips. You will have a partner who helps you count your repetitions. When you have completed the test you will count for your partner’s test.

Test 3, 6:50, the 13 and older will run the 1000 m. 12 an under will run the 400 m possibly in two heats depending on numbers.

Despite how difficult this sounds everyone has a really good time doing the testing.

Thank You,


Do You Need Roller Skis?

Hello Ski Fans,

I am putting together a Swenor  Roller Ski Order Which is being shipped tomorrow. I can add skis if you get back to me today. Please Email at TODAY

Here is a link with the Pricing; Here!

Prices do not include bindings. I can order bindings as well for about $100

Thank You,

Adam Elliot

Kelowna Paddle Centre Saturday Sept 15th

Saturday Sept 15 at 9am team telemark will be headed onto Okanagan Lake at the Kelowna Paddle Centre. This is a fun cross training opportunity for team telemark athletes. Paddling uses many of the same muscles as xc skiing, it challenges the same energy systems and when you wipe out it hurts a lot less than roller skiing : ) Many Norwegians, Finns, Swedes and Danes paddle for cross training for xc skiing!

Fill out this online form by noon on Friday so we know numbers. Choose OTHER and then enter TELEMARK Click here for the form. There is a fee of $15 each which includes boat paddle and life jacket. The fee can be payed by cash, visa or a cheque made out to Kelowna Paddle Centre.

Bring: clothes to be in the water in (swim suit/shorts, thermal top (like a top you would race in), a towel, work out clothes, warm change of clothes. water shoes (optional), waterbottle and snack.

  • Warm up and explanation of stroke and how to get ski’s in and out the water and some safety info (getting in if fall out etc).
  • On water warm up and some stroke practice – 10 min
  • Workout – 45 min
  • Cool Down and skis put away.
  • Change into dry clothes (if cold and weather not sunny and warm)
  • Gym work out – chin ups, body weights, agility

Big thanks to Sandy, Greg and the Kelowna Paddle Centre for making this opportunity for our team.

T2T/L2T Pole Bounding Rose Valley – Tuesday Sept. 11

Fresh on the heels of the Regional Camp, which was awesome BTW!, we’ll be hill bounding tomorrow night at Rose Valley Elementary School.

Please also bring a foam pad for the damp grass for the post-bound strength work. Also, please remember water and drink belt to stay properly hydrated.

See you tomorrow!