November 19, 2018

Regional Camp Montezuma Race Results 2018

Here are the Classic Technique Results. It was -4.5 degrees Celsius. Click on Results for a larger image.



Van Rides to the Regional Camp 1 Nov 16th 2018

Hello Ski Fans,

I will have some room in the Team Van going up to Silverstar tomorrow and returning after the Regional Camp Sunday Nov 18th. I will load up and Drop off at:

115-125 Lake Ave Kelowna, BC V1Y 5W2

Which is the road next to the Hobbs Residence. Friday November 16th the Van will load up at 3:30 pm.

On Sunday we should be loaded up and on the road by 1 pm which should put us back in Kelowna on Lake Ave around 2:30 pm.

If you would like a ride in the Van please email me today to confirm your spot:

In Case you have forgotten the Packing list and Schedule are in the Camp Notice Here!

Bring a Towel; They are not Provided!

Thank You,

Adam Elliot

Now let’s see who has the advantage !!!

Van Ride to the BCTS Camp.

Hello Ski Fans,

I am departing for the BCTS camp at Silverstar from Knox Mountain at 5 pm Thursday November 12th 2018 as stated on the website calendar. If you would like a ride in the Telemark Team Van please email me ahead of time:       so that I know you are coming.

Please arrive before 4:45 pm to load the Van. The van departs at 5 pm.

Thank You,

Adam Elliot

Classic Coach Workshop Nov 10th 11:30 am

Hello Coaches,
We are going to do another Coaching Workshop at Sovereign Lake on Saturday Nov. 10th at 11:30 am. We will start with skis on the snow near the lodge/stadium. We can work on coaching each other and then hopefully we can get some T2T athletes back out to meet us for technique work at 12:30.
Here is the link to the Classic Technique Playlist I created for this weekend:
This should be 6 videos on Classic Technique. the first Three are Diagnol Stride and the Next Three relate to Double Pole; 1 is Brian again since it relates.
Thank You,
Adam Elliot

Upcoming Race Season Ski Marking – IMPORTANT

Our older athletes spent 6 days on snow last week at Frozen Thunder and most likely practices this weekend will shift to Sovereign Lake to get access to early snow.

Athletes and parents, as our race season is approaching please ensure that classic ski grip zones are marked clearly.  This makes wax techs happy, especially those with old eyes…plus you run the risk of not having optimal grip and glide!  You do not want a grumpy wax tech…

If your skis are new to you, you have grown and/or gained weight, please use wax remover and a cloth or fibertex to remove all the old marks.

Once the skis are clean or if they are new then grip zones need identified.

Here is what we would like:

  1. Your name clearly marked on the skis
  2. Whether the skis are Hardwax or Klister skis.  If you only have one pair then don’t worry about this.

Go to your friendly neighbourhood ski store and ask them to help you with marking your skis using a pressure gauge with the following procedure.

  1.  For the front grip zone: Apply 50%  body weight 8cm behind the balance point.  Use feeler gauges to mark .05mm, .1mm, .2mm, .3mm and .5mm on the skis.  These can be marked as .5, 1, 2, 3 and 5 beside the vertical mark.
  2. For the rear grip zone; Apply 66% of body weight 15cm behind the balance point.  Use feeler gauges to mark .05, .1mm, .2mm, .3mm and .5mm on the skis.  These can be marked as .5, 1, 2, 3 and 5 beside the vertical mark

Please mark the skis grip zones with either a black or silver sharpie (for dark sidewalls).  It is an athlete’s responsibility to remark the lines if they are removed due to cleaning.  Marking the top sheet of the ski is a great idea to help remark the sidewall of the ski.



Used Team Telemark Equipment

Hi all, Biathlon has created a Classifieds link for used Team Telemark skis, equipment and uniforms. Check it out.

Camp Baking Request Nov 16-18th 2018

Hello Telemark Parents,

I have undertaken the task of organizing the food for the regional camp. The camp will take place Nov 16-18th 2018. I am looking for help! I am thinking instead of buying package baking I am looking for parents to do baking before the camp. This is in the goal to save money and eat healthier and yummier food. Any type of muffin, loaf, bar and cookies would be fantastic! Please label if there is dairy or nuts in the baking. There about 40 coaches and athletes so any amount of food would be greatly appreciated! The more baking done before the camp the better! The baking will make for great food to pack to train and snacks. Let me know what you plan to bring or ask what we need!

You can email me at

Thank you!

Tom Walker

Race Team Parent Board

With Brent moving on to assume the position of Telemark Club President, David Urness will be assuming the chair of the Race Team Parent Board. In this capacity, David will also serve as a Director on the Telemark Executive. There are no limitations on the number of parents who can serve on the Board. The board provides oversight of the Race Team program and coordination of fundraising efforts. Your 2018-19 board members are: David Urness (Chair), Leeann Yapps (Secretary), Glynis Shaw (Treasurer), Jill Stamp (Registrar), Alison Campbell Urness (Communications), Deren Sentesy/Sandy Redman, Ingrid Musselman Bell and Sean Siever (Members at Large).