March 19, 2018

Photos from BC Champs

Hi Ski Fans!

David Webster and the technology wizards at Zone4 have linked photos of you from Day 1 (mass start free) and Day 3 (free relays) to your race results on Zone4!  Go to the BC Champs results page:, day one or three, click on your name, and photos taken in the time around when you passed David are displayed right beneath your detailed results.

Yes, that is Ben hucking a 360 with his underpants on the outside during a race.



Telemark Racers in the Media (again)

Hello team.  We have lots to celebrate.  We had racers in Europe, Quebec and Prince George all on one weekend.  That is pretty incredible.  Here is the story .  Apologies for the “stock photos” of some of our skiers in action.


L2C Tour de Telemark Final Climb 2018

Hello Ski Fans,

We planned for a Tough Final Climb and unfortunately were greeted by and even bigger challenge as the Crystal Rim trail had not been groomed. Remember that time we were racing to June Springs Mid Point and discovered frost on some of the road?

Mason Skied far beyond the Predicted time we had for him. Congratulations!  Top Juvenile time was Ian Mayer. Top Junior Boy was Cole Turner. David Walker and Greg Kilroy actually tied on time today but David was ahead of him in the points competition so came out on Top! Clair Littlefair was the top female. Unfortunately, Jenna had an equipment malfunction so we did get to see how that battle Turned out. Results are below; Click to Enlarge. Great Work Everyone!

Adam Elliot

Ps. We are off to this place again!

Tour de Telemark Final Countdown and Summer Road Slalom

Hello Ski Fans,

There were many gates missed on the Summer Road Slalom But it was good Fun! Do not take these results too seriously:

Now on a serious note the Big Final for The 2018 Tour de Telemark is tomorrow. Start times are based on predicted performance and Points counting towards seconds earned! Remember to Click to Enlarge the Results!

Minor Error in Start times above. Correct Below:



Team Telemark Having Fun and Success this weekend across Canada

Team Telemark is busy this weekend with one group of skiers bracing the cold temperatures of Prince George whilst another group is freezing over in Ottawa.

Not to let that dampen spirits, the PG group had a lively evening of bowling.  For full race results from today please see:

Ian Williams made the podium in yesterday’s Junior Men Sprint at Easterns. For full race results please see:

Congrats to the entire team and to coaches Ross, Brent, Kyle, Deepa, Michelle & Alistair up in PG & Chris and Paul in Ottawa.

Congratulations Clair! In the News!

Clair had her personal best result at the Western Canadian Championship the other weekend and the NWT defiantly has noticed!

We hope to continue this significant development rate of Clair for the Canada Winter Games next year. Good luck to all Telemark skiers this week which are competing in Switzerland (Gareth, Fran and Hannah World Championship), Ontario (Easterns) and Prince George!

Western Canadian Championships Open Men’s Relay! BC was 2nd with Greg Kilroy, Tallon Noble and Remi Drolet!

Also, Here is a video of Tristan Racing the A Final at Westerns. Tristan was pretty excited this day. He won the Qualifier scoring 74.68 CPL! He scored 77.41 CPL at Frozen Thunder. Unfortunately, Tristan then proceeded to create huge leads and expend Significant amounts of energy in his Quarter’s and Semi’s. There are tactics involved in sprint racing and if you watch the final you can see how others made excellent moves and Tristan learned valuable Lessons. Hopefully you all can learn from this video too before your next sprint race. Watch those Foothills Skiers?

Tristan Gets a good start but does not claim a good position; Working Hard

Tristan is boxed in and chooses the long way around to get back up to second spot at the down hill into the finish; Working Hard

Tristan stays in behind the leader allowing others an easy line around him; Trying to draft

Tristan has burned all of his matches and has no sprint left in the lunge for the line; Still Working Hard

Please learn by watching! Seriously Though, Congratulations to Tristan for being fast enough to be able to play in the A Final!


Congratulations Hannah Mehain!

Congratulations to Hannah for finishing 27th in the Junior Women’s Sprint at World Junior Championships!  Click here for Hannah’s description of the race and the “killer hill.”

Tour de Telemark Current Standings!

Hello Ski Fans,

We had some Amazing Racing Saturday in our Tour de Telemark! There was some fresh snow on the Easy Street Classic Sprint Course which made the race very challenging! Great Work Everyone!

Results and new standings are IN! Click twice to expand!


It has started Again! The quest for Personal Best Performances to score a points lead for the Pursuit start up the final climb of Crystal Rim. Those June Springs Roller Ski times are used along with CPL to predict results. It is your job to beat those results to earn an advantage on the final day’s Climb!

This Year’s Stages Include:

The Summer Road TT January 23rd SK

BCB Sprint Event Thursday January 25th SK

Easy Street Classic Sprint Race Saturday January 27th

Summer Road Slalom Race February 10th

Distance Race Results from Easterns, Prince George and Telemark on February 3rd CL?

Crystal Rim Final Climb February 10th Skate

I recommend participation to maximize your chances on the final day!

Adam Elliot

Previous Results: Here!

Click Below on the image for 2018 June Springs TT Results Summary Long and Midpoint!