September 26, 2018

T2T/L2T Rose Valley Run this Thursday!

Hi everyone.  Great to see the strong turn-out for the triathlon this evening and good effort by all! In advance of the Regional Camp this weekend, we will be running at Rose Valley this Thursday at 6 pm. Please be at the school ready to run at 6.

Come prepared with proper running shoes, rain jacket or shell, headlamp, gloves…etc. Essentially we’re skiers. Come ready for anything!

Also please bring foam mats for strength afterward.


Today is the Last Chance to Register for the Regional Camp! Coach MeetingToo

Hello Ski Fans,

We have reopened the Regional camp registration until tonight. Register Here!

We will have a quick Coaching Meeting at the Triathlon to discuss some details for the Regional Camp this weekend.

Thank You,

Adam Elliot



Highly recommended for Midget and up skiers.

Link Here: CCC Online Store

Club: Telemark Nordic.

Team Official: Brent Hobbs

Coach Name: Adam Elliot

Coach NCCP level: L2C

Coach NCCP#: 984975

Team: Team Telemark




Dryland Camp Volunteers and Baking Needed

Please sign up for baking for the dryland camp at Dunlop next weekend Sept 7-9. click to sign up for baking. You can drop off baked goods with your container labeled with your family name and cell number at the kitchen when you drop off your skiers. If you have taken the trouble to bake something very carefully allergen free please label appropriate [i.e. gluten free, peanut free, etc].

Also head chef Glynis is going to need some kitchen volunteers. Any time commitment is welcome including full weekend, select days or even just cleanup help after one meal. click to sign up for kitchen duty

Link to camp details


Telemark Triathlon September 4th

There may be some real tri-athletes this season? The swim will be at touching depth as usual now.

Meet at 5:30 to go over the course. Probably no Weddings this year on a Tuesday afternoon…

Well it is here again our annual team Triathlon. Following the traditional format of Swim, Roller Ski and Run. Again This year we will have a “Never Roller Skied” category for those who do not want to be introduced to roller skiing in a race format (highly recommended). Come take part in this great fun event!

Previous Results!

Never Roller       300m Swim                             Out and Back

Skied?                    1300m Run                             One Outer Loop and One Inner Loop

Young             300m Swim                             Out and Back

2400m Ski                               One Full Lap

1300m Run                             One Outer Loop and One Inner Loop

Standard            600m Swim                             Out and Back Twice

4400m Ski                               2 Laps, 2nd lap not going to the North End

2600m Run                             an Outer Lap Followed by an Inner Lap then

Another Outer Lap followed by an Inner Lap

Advanced        600m Swim                             Out and Back Twice

4800m Ski                               2 Full Laps. Returning to the Park each Lap

2600m Run                             an Outer Lap Followed by an Inner Lap then

Another Outer Lap followed by an Inner Lap



Circle the Buoy at the end of each length

If you do not complete your Swim you may Continue Racing but only 5 minutes after the slowest Swimmer has started their Roller Ski.

Roller Ski

You will only be allowed to start if you have a Helmet, Reflective Vest and ski Equipment on.

Stay on the Right side of the Road

Do not Cross the Centerline on Corners. Penalty or Disqualification


Stay on the Right side of the Road


Swim Suit and Goggles, Helmet, Reflective Vest, Gloves, Ski Boots, Poles, Roller Skis and Extra Skis if possible, Shoes, Recovery Food and Warm Clothes for after.

Regional Camp Registration Deadline August 31st 2018

Hey That Camp Is Next Weekend! September 7-9th!

Yes, the Camp Details can be found by Clicking HERE!

Registration is Available Here!

The Team Members born 2002 and 2003 are expected to attend this camp to mentor the younger skiers.

Also Next Week is Our Annual Roller Ski Triathlon Tuesday September 4th at 5:30. This is always a blast! The Details from last season are HERE!

This will be the same format as last year.

Thursday is a run from Rose Valley Elementary School. 5 pm L2C starts. The T2T group starts at 6 pm.

That’s All For Now!


Volunteer Appreciation Party

Hello Team Telemark. On behalf of the Apple Triathlon Society, I would like to thank you for your outstanding volunteer contributions in support of the Apple Triathlon this weekend. In recognition of your contribution, the Apple is hosting a Volunteer Appreciation Party tomorrow (Monday Aug 2oth) at the Laurel Packing House (6:30 pm).  There will be food and drink and some great volunteer swag to give away.

Although the athletes did not get to race, the event organizers were really impressed with your contribution to the event. Kudos to Sean and Valentina for organizing our Telemark crew and to our athletes, coaches and parents who supported the event.

Roller Ski Wheel Group Order

Hello Ski Fans,

I have had requests to put together a group order for Roller Ski Wheels. Look at your wheels. Are they worn funny? (on 1 side); nearly impossible to ski properly on. Are the bearings loud or looses? Is the Rubber low? Yes? Time for new wheels

By ordering in a group we save on shipping costs. If we have enough sets of wheels to order we may be able to get a further team discount. We order wheels directly from as they are the best price for complete wheels with new bearings. These wheels fit all skate skis that we have ever ordered through the team; Swenor, F1, and One way. Everyone on our team uses speed 2 wheels. Normally works out to $120 for a set with shipping, tax and duty when ordered in a group.

Here is a Link!×24-mm-roller-ski-wheels/

Looks like they also sell those are to find Roller Ski Tips too…

Email me ASAP if interested. Thanks,

Adam Elliot