January 21, 2019

11 Feb 2017 Summer Road Slalom Time Trial

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News from afar

IMG_1007World Junior/U23 Trials in Thunder Bay:

The first race of the WJT is tomorrow with a day of free technique sprints for our athletes!  Zone4.ca will be posting results live as they happen, so take a coffee break during the day to check up on how Eliza-Jane, David, and Gareth are doing.  It’s currently below -20 C, but is supposed to start warming up a bit by tomorrow.  The next important races for our athletes will be Saturday’s interval start classic (oops, they just moved it to Friday instead), followed by Sunday’s Skiathlon (half classic, half skate) race.

International Children’s Winter Games:

Reports from Ross (minor edits helping poor Siri from Paul)-

Pre ski day – Yesterday was the first day of snow this winter in Austria so the Austrians were rejoicing and all the coaches were pulling their hair out has snowed over 4 inches and was the dreaded 0°.  Seefeld has been very lucky as they are one of the few places that can actually make snow for cross-country skiing.   Yesterday was our first day of training at the venue so the kids got to ski the courses which look exciting involving a spring course with rollovers lot so tight corners and a classic ski course with the slalom downhill.   The opening ceremonies were really cool with indoor fireworks and a huge puppet that was lit up.

First race day – Another ridiculous day of coaching nightmare weather. 0 degrees and heavy snow. Only 40′ to test skis. Ended up on rode violet extra with a rode black cover VPS. Hairies iced even with anti icing spray. Grip wax was pretty good for 3 of 4.  Sally ended up 12th. Clara 19th. Grayson was 12th. Oliver was 16th.  Both categories had over thirty skiers.  So a good start. Now I can relax as its getting colder and skate sprints. The kids are having a blast, great fun meeting all the other athletes. Results are on the innsbruck2016.com website.

From Paul –

There’s lots to be proud of this week, both from how last weekend went at our first BC Cup and from our athletes representing our club, province, and country abroad!


IMG_1033 IMG_1004 IMG_1024 IMG_1023 IMG_1016 IMG_1014

David Walker, Meet Thunder Bay

David Walker Winning Silver at Ski Nationals 2015

Sprint Silver!!!

Way to go guys!


Ski Nationals Silver

From Your Executive: Wishing a Good Competition for our Ski Nationals team!

On this eve of the start of competition at Ski Nationals, the Executive Board for the Telemark Nordic Club sends you wishes for an inspired performance and a memorable competition at Ski Nationals.  8 days of competition with the best skiers in Canada, indeed the world, await you.  You have worked hard to get this far and we are proud to have you represent our club.

“You have proven to have the focus and dedication required to be a top level athlete in a sport considered to be one of the most difficult to master both athletically and physiologically.  If you check the top ten list of world class athletes having the highest V02 Max. XC skiers occupy 6 of the top ten positions with Bjorn Daehlie at an incredible 94, for comparison Lance Armstrong was at 82 (Here is the link to the proof — ed). You need  a very powerful engine to perform at a high level in this sport.   Best wishes to all our Telemark Athletes and always remember the goal is to do your best and not get too wrapped up in your placement.  If you did your best, had fun, met and socialized with a lot of other athletes then the competition has been a success for you.”

“I think that Adam has done a wonderful job with the team, and of course all the others who help out behind the scenes in making the program such a success.  Go Guys Go.”

“You have worked extremely hard for many years to prepare for this week.  Be sure to take time to step back and enjoy the event.  Ski your best and be proud of whatever you achieve.  We will be cheering for you from back home.”

Telemark Junior Racing 2013 Ski Nationals team: Dana Allen, Veronica Dimova, Alexander Myshak-Davis, Madeleine Ertel, Kurt Behnsen, Gareth Williams, David Walker.  Missing: Jasper McKenzie.

Telemark Junior Racing 2013 Ski Nationals team: Dana Allen, Veronica Dimova, Alexander Myshak-Davis, Madeleine Ertel, Kurt Behnsen, Gareth Williams, David Walker. Missing: Jasper McKenzie.

A cool and successful Teck BC Cup 2

2013-01-12 13.27.26It was a little colder than usual this weekend at Telemark Nordic Club in West Kelowna, but that did not stop close to 400 athletes from taking part in the second of the Teck BC Cup race series. The cool temperatures after a week of heavy snowfall meant the courses were in great shape for both days.

Saturday featured two different classic sprint courses running side by side simultaneously. There were a few spills on the hills and around the tighter corners.  The fast-paced event was exciting for both the racers and the spectators. The multiple distance courses were short and not too hilly but still a good challenge for all age categories.  Local highlights saw Telemark’s Jonah Hawes and Justin Siever finish second and third in the Atom Boys A Final. Other results included: Grayson McKinnon 3rd Bantam Boy, Ian Williams 4th Midget Boy, David Walker 5th Juvenile Boy, Alexandra Myshak-Davis 3rd Junior Girl.

Evening News – Nordic skiing
About 400 competitors took part in the B.C. Teck Cup this weekend. Robert Buffam reports

Read it on Global News: Nordic skiing – Evening News – Videos | CHBC News

Sunday was an interval start skate event. The racers started 15secs apart and raced  “against the clock”. Course distances ranged from 1km for the Atom categories, to 10km for the Open and Masters Categories. The courses were challenging but fun. The majority of climbing was in the first half of the 5 km loop and the downhills provided swooping corners and rollers. Local highlights again saw Jonah Hawes and Justin Siever finish second and third in the Atom Boys. Other results included: Jasmine Filatow 5th Atom Girl, Ian Mayer 5th Pee Wee Boy, Michelle Kraetzer 5th Bantam Girl, Ian Williams 5th Midget Boy, Gareth Williams 2nd Juvenile Boy, David Walker 4th Juvenile Boy, Alexandra Myshak-Davis 2nd Junior Girl.

Saturday’s Results:

Qualification times: http://zone4.ca/results.asp?ID=5268&cat=all
Sprint heats: http://zone4.ca/results.asp?ID=5279&cat=all
Sunday’s Results:


Photos from the event can be downloaded here from DropBox:

Drop Box Photos Teck BC Cup 2


Cross Country BC, the provincial governing body for cross-country skiing in British Columbia, is a non-for-profit, club-based organization of more than 16,000 members. Cross Country BC offers programs and services to support the continuous development of cross-country skiing for all ages and abilities, from introductory experiences to international excellence. Teck Resources Ltd. is the title sponsor of Cross Country BC’s Skier Development Program, thereby supporting excellence in sport and providing youth with experiences that will help them prepare for the future.

Thank You Jill Stamp

Hoping to not diminish the contribution of all our volunteers this weekend, I am going to single out Jill Stamp and I want to be the first to say a HUGE than you to her for all the time she put in over the past 4 weeks to choreograph this BC cup.  In the volunteer role I was honored to be awarded this weekend, I got to see the underbelly of a major race and I for one had no prior concept of the amount of pre-planning and real-time decision making that happens and Jill Stamp is at the center of  it all.

Further, there is an entire “black ops” team of people, spending as much time as any athlete or race parent, who pull everything together for race day.  For example, think about how it came to be that the entire course is already groomed to perfection and marked out when you arrive at 7:00 AM!   Please take the time to go back and re-read the “competition committee” list in the race notice and give each of them a special thanks next time you see them.

Thank you to the athletes and parents who stood in the cold selling raffle tickets today.  The results were better than I expected, your time was worth it!


BC Cup #2 January 13, 2013 West Kelowna

Nationals – Tuesday

Aujourd’hui de Plaines d’Abraham et Mont Sainte-Anne:

Alex 10K free 2nd out of 34.

Jeff Kerkovius 15 K free 19th out of 64.