January 21, 2019


Ross’s Skiing Packing Check List

Dressing for the Cold

Hand Hygiene Check List

Mental Evaluation / Check List

CCES Anti-Doping

Doping the Ethical Issue 

When athletes cheat by doping, they harm themselves, they harm their sport and they harm their fellow athletes who compete clean. And, they harm the individuals, communities and nations that have stood behind them, supporting them, motivating them and, in some ways, living through them.

The need to continue the fight against doping in sport remains real and significant – doping is not going away – in fact it is becoming more sophisticated and it is more readily available to younger and younger athletes. We need to redouble our efforts and build on the progress we have made to date as we strive to level the playing field for all athletes.

We need to increase our efforts to educate young athletes about the harms and consequences of doping – not just at the high performance level, but right down into our high schools and sport development systems

Risks of Young Athlete Doping