January 21, 2019

Coaches Corner

Adam’s Deterministic Model for Double Poling:




Technique Playlist on YouTube 

Telemark Race Video Playlist on YouTube

WAXING VIDEO CCC Joel in his prime 48′ video. Bring Popcorn!

Klister Waxing Video

HPCE Italy World Championship Report

Technique Language

Tall: Raise the skier’s hips so that they ski “Taller” and bring their hips forward

Hips Up: bring hips up into correct body position

Look Up: Raise Gaze of Skier

POP: Equal Leg Push; push off of non-power leg

Glide: Focus on getting some glide on each ski

Pole Through: pole past the hips

Shift: Shift Weight to Each Ski

Crunch: Use Torso During poling

Tempo: Increase turnover of skiing

Baskets: Plant pole Baskets further ahead

Flow: Relax (upper) body during the recovery phase