January 21, 2019

Congratulations Clair! In the News!

Clair had her personal best result at the Western Canadian Championship the other weekend and the NWT defiantly has noticed!

We hope to continue this significant development rate of Clair for the Canada Winter Games next year. Good luck to all Telemark skiers this week which are competing in Switzerland (Gareth, Fran and Hannah World Championship), Ontario (Easterns) and Prince George!

Western Canadian Championships Open Men’s Relay! BC was 2nd with Greg Kilroy, Tallon Noble and Remi Drolet!

Also, Here is a video of Tristan Racing the A Final at Westerns. Tristan was pretty excited this day. He won the Qualifier scoring 74.68 CPL! He scored 77.41 CPL at Frozen Thunder. Unfortunately, Tristan then proceeded to create huge leads and expend Significant amounts of energy in his Quarter’s and Semi’s. There are tactics involved in sprint racing and if you watch the final you can see how others made excellent moves and Tristan learned valuable Lessons. Hopefully you all can learn from this video too before your next sprint race. Watch those Foothills Skiers?

Tristan Gets a good start but does not claim a good position; Working Hard

Tristan is boxed in and chooses the long way around to get back up to second spot at the down hill into the finish; Working Hard

Tristan stays in behind the leader allowing others an easy line around him; Trying to draft

Tristan has burned all of his matches and has no sprint left in the lunge for the line; Still Working Hard

Please learn by watching! Seriously Though, Congratulations to Tristan for being fast enough to be able to play in the A Final!