January 21, 2019

Critical Speed Results

Critical Speed Results

These Tests are Standardized and created by Cross Country Canada. The Critical Speed portion of the test is the theoretical pace in Meters a Minute at Anaerobic Threshold. This is not entirely accurate since some times a runner will run faster on both tests nut not improve their critical speed because of how it is calculated. The Times are actually more important. Despite this when most runners get older they tend to improve in a exponential fashion during the Teens but the standards are linear so if you are no where near the standard then don’t panic too much.

Here are the  Results:

cst-sept-2016-13-yrs cst-sept-2016-12-yrs

Oct 2015 13+ CSTOct 2015 U12 CST

Sept 2015 CST 13 ResultsSept 2015 CST U12 ResultsCST OCT 2014 13 Yrs PlusCST OCT 2014 12 YrsCST Sept 2014 13 Yrs + CST Sept 2014 12 YRS - 2014 Spring CST June 26th

Here are the 2013 Results:

Oct 2013 Critical Speed Results  Sept 2013 Critical Speed Results2009-2013 Critical Speed Summary