August 20, 2018

Final Instructions for Tree Planting

June 8, 2018 @ 4:18 am – 5:18 am

Thank you to all who have signed up thus far.  Note: We could use a few more planters for the Saturday am session. We will be planting in the same location as two weeks ago.  Meet at the Yellow Gate 800 m past the Telemark parking lot.  Wear LONG PANTS, LONG-SLEEVED T-SHIRT, HIKING BOOTS, GARDEN GLOVES.  Bring bug spray, sunscreen, food.  If we plant 8000 trees, you will earn $2000 for our Team PLUS contribute to the production of Oxygen for our planet

Saturday 0800

  • meet at the Yellow Gate
  • travel via Fern Creek to planting area
  • plant 0900-1200

Saturday  1200

  • meet at Yellow Gate
  • travel to planting area
  • plant 1300-1500

Thank you for volunteering your time and energy for this valuable fundraiser.


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