January 21, 2019

FUNtastics 2018

This Saturday is the end of the year FUNtasticks for league!
This is an opportunity for our T2T skiers to participate and interact with the 8+ league group. We are looking for some volunteer T2Ters to help out with stations and teams.

League kids will be on CLASSIC skis. The theme is UNDER THE SEA. To help out with these stations or to lead a team just show up…in costume.

20 min per stations. The fun starts at 10:30 setup at 10am.
1. Three legged ski – starts at the bottom of the hill near the exit from squirrel to behind the washrooms.
2. Word scramble treasure hunt – up squirrel and back out the race trails ending at the top of the speed trap.
3. Speed trap – the usual.
4. Slalom relay – meet at the top of the toboggan hill

The team will also be doing gourmet hotdog sales so bring $$ and a healthy appetite.

There will also be bunny-JR2 stations and groups to help with if we are overwhelmed with eager volunteers.

Any questions talk to coach Deepa