November 20, 2018

Goals 2013-14

Hello Ski Fans,

Great Job Last Night at the National Ski Team Testing. It was great to have so many people out to test and help; Thanks! I will publish the results next week when we have them all. Any ways we had a little talk about goals last night and below is the basic information and the Goals Template in both Word and PDF form. Remember we would like everyone to have their goals worked on before the Welcome Party on September 24th.

The Terry Fox Run is on Sunday  September 15, 2013
Location: Mission Sportsfield, Gordon Dr and Lexington Ave
Registration: 10am
Start time: 11am

More details here:

Normally we do this as a team; meet and warmup together and then cheer each other on near the finish. I am away at a coaching course this weekend and will not be able to attend so if 1 or more of the parents want to take on a leadership role for this that would be lovely;o)


Setting goals is one of the skills athletes should learn. Luckily, this is a skill which will be very useful in the others parts of your life as you get older. All of you should think of your goals for the upcoming season.  These can be broken down into the areas of competitions, training, technique, and health and nutrition.  The goals should be specific and achievable. Below are guidelines for setting goals and a form you can fill out.  Please write your goals down on the form and discuss them with one of the coaches. Remember to include the races you plan to attend.

Goal Setting

What is a goal?  A goal is a measurable statement with a specific subject and a deadline.  It is a milestone in the creation of your ideal life.  It inspires you to do the work every day.

Your goals should mostly be task based and should be completely within your control.  Some results based goals are okay but keep in mind they are not completely in your control.  Set task based goals that will allow you to achieve your results based goals.

Writing down your goals initiates the process of committing yourself to them.  Post them in a place where you will see them often. You should be proud of your goals; post them on Facebook?

Revise your goals regularly.  If you have achieved a goal, set a new, more challenging one.  If you have not reached one, decide if you should set a new deadline or reconsider the goal.

Goals Template 2013-14Goals Template 2013-14 PDF

Goals Template 2013-14 Word Word

Goals – Training Year: 2013 – 2014

Date last updated:                                           Name:


Short Term Competitive Goals:  (include races you plan to attend)







Training Goals:







Technique Goals:








Health and Nutrition Goals:






Long Term Skiing Goals:







  • Training log

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