January 21, 2019

Hand Hygiene Check List

Hand hygiene refers to removing or killing germs on the hands. There are two
methods for removing germs on the hands:
• washing with soap and running water
• or using an alcohol-based hand rub (minimum 60%).

Handwashing with soap and running water must be performed when hands look dirty. If running water
is not available, use moistened towelettes to remove dirt and follow with an alcohol-based hand rub.
If your hands appear clean then use an alcohol-based hand rub. The rub needs to have a minimum of
60% alcohol to be effective.
How to wash hands
• Wet hands with warm water.
• Apply liquid or foam soap. If bar soap is used, it must be a personal item and not shared.
• Vigorously lather all surfaces for 15 seconds.
• Using a rubbing motion, rinse soap from hands under running water.
• Dry hands thoroughly using paper towels.
• Turn off taps with a paper towel.
How to use an alcohol-based hand rub
• Ensure hands appear clean.
• Squirt a loonie-sized amount of alcohol-based hand rub onto palm of hand.
• Spread alcohol-based hand rub over all surfaces of the hands.
• Rub hands until dry (it should take a minimum of 15 seconds).