December 12, 2018

Important “Party” Messages

  1. Telemark Nordic Volunteer Party

Telemark Nordic is hosting a volunteer appreciation party on Wednesday April 4th at the West Kelowna Yacht Club.  If you volunteered as a coach or at a Telemark event (e.g. Loppet, BC Champs), you should have received an invitation. Details here.  If you did not receive an invitation, contact Coach Brent.

2. Race Team Windup Party

The Telemark windup party is Saturday April 7.  There will be a spring skiing activity at 4pm followed by a potluck dinner at 6:15pm.  Please sign up and bring a dish to share (click here).  Be sure to bring serving utensils for your dish as well as plates, bowls, cutlery and beverages for your family.