September 26, 2017

Junior Development

Junior Development

Program Goals

  1. FUN
  2. Learn to SKI FASTER

Junior Development is the progression from ski league into the next level of Skills Development. This program is led by the clubs best coaches and directly overseen by the Club Head Coach. Yes, some of the coaches are at this high level because they grew up racing but others are just plain great coaches who are extremely passionate about our sport. Rough age Guideline is 8-14 depending on skill. There is a Flow chart near bottom of this page.

Coach Adam’s Junior Development Philosophy:

“I believe in providing exposure to a variety of training adventures and experiences which raise athlete comfort zone and personal limitations while also providing athletes with the tools to become capable active successful people.

My goal for the Telemark Junior Development Program is to deliver good experiences in a supportive encouraging and progressively structured training environment so members may achieve their goals. My Job’s privilege is to support others on their Journey to Become Great Skiers with my infectious love of my sport, passionate leadership, technical gifts and work ethic.”

“Do I need to race?”  No

Junior Development is not a Racing Team. The skills to provide a positive experience during competition will be learned during the FUN and progressively structured program. The members will be encouraged to take part in a few events which are normally run at our club. If a skier wants to race they will be fully supported by our well set up race program.

“Why is Junior Development found on the Race Team’s Website then?” It is easier for the clubs coaches to update the information when using his website.

On-Snow Skiing

Junior Development ski Tuesday for (2016-17) at 6:00 PM and Saturdays without races at 10:30 AM.

Skiers should bring a headlamp to all weekday skiing. Classic skis should be prepared before the beginning of practice; show up early.  All members of the team do skate and classic technique so both sets of equipment are required. There are several options for equipment outlined in the FAQ part of our website  including: purchase new, purchase used, rent for the season, or rent as required.


Dry-Land Training

Junior Development will have at least 2 optional practices a week of optional training from September until the On-Snow season begins. Generally run with the TR1s at 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and some Saturdays or Sundays. There are also some dry-land training opportunities during the spring and summer. Please consult our website calendar for details. If you want additional details about the Practice Locations there is a “Practice Locations” Page under the Athlete Resources Tab on our Website or follow this LINK 

The two activities  on the Dry-Land training schedule which you may not be familiar with are Roller Skiing and Hill Bounding. Roller skiing simulates skiing without snow. It requires roller skis, a cycling helmet, reflective vest, gloves, ski boots and ski poles with carbide tips. 


Hill bounding is ski striding uphill with poles which are about 10-15cm shorter than you would use for classic skiing. If you don’t have some old ski poles to use please contact Coach Adam.

A Typical winter schedule for JD looks like this:

JD Winter 2013-14


Please check the Website calendar for updated practice information Here. You will see a Colour key at the bottom which shows events for JD in Purple, Pink and Orange.

Race Uniforms 

While many Junior Development members have a uniform, it is not a requirement.  Uniforms should be ordered between October  and the end of November for arrival in early December. There may be some “outgrown” uniforms available — ask one of the coaches for help on this. We do try to run uniform exchange opportunities. It is preferred that everyone races in performance oriented clothing which will help them be successful.

Information Transmission

Almost all information for Junior Development and the Race Team is transmitted through the race team website. If you join this program please Subscribe to our Website by clicking on the “Email” link on the bottom left of the page and filling in the information. Then you need to go to your email and confirm that you want to join the feed; check your junk box if you cannot find the email.


Typically when one joins our program they contact Coach Adam to make sure that the skier is at an appropriate level and that parents know how everything works. Adam Elliot: 250 859-8464 Email

Telemark Junior Racers Program Overview