November 20, 2018

Kelowna Cycle March Team Roller Ski and Wax Package Pricing

Kelowna Cycle March Pricing for Telemark Junior Race and Development Program

March 2017

One of Our biggest Sponsors is helping us out again; Thank You Kelowna Cycle!

The team does have a few pairs of “team roller skis” for skiers to try roller skiing but after a certain point (like a season of borrowing for example) skiers should really have their own skis. The coaches should not need to give up their own skis so that you can ski. TR2s should also have a pair of Classic skis. To make the Spring booking order to get your skis in May and receive the best price I need to know what you would like by Thursday March 23rd.

Thanks, Wondering if you could move up to TR2 this year? Contact Adam and check out the Selection Criteria HERE!

I also added some wax packages as requested at the parents meeting. It is not the teams responsibility to supply you with wax for regular training. You all should have a basic Wax kit. I also need your orders in by Thursday. Wax Product will arrive in the Fall of 2016.

Please submit your order here.  Details below. Please Select the binding that works with your boots when Selecting your skis; NNN or SNS

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How many skate roller skis ($245 ea):
Swenor Fiberglass Cap Ski Classic Roller skis ($380 ea):
How many grip package 1 ($45 ea):
How many grip package 2 ($120 ea):
How many glide package 1 ($160 ea):
How many glide package 3 ($100 ea):

Here is a deal which I set up with my friends at Kelowna Cycle:

Telemark Group Order Roller Skis

Rode Grip Packages

Grip Package Number 1 $45

Rode Grip Package 2 $120

Toko Glide Packages 1 and 3

The Big Low Fluoro wax Combo is highly recommended.

A Big Thank You to Kelowna Cycle for all of their support!

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