January 21, 2019

Kelowna Paddle Centre Saturday Sept 15th

Saturday Sept 15 at 9am team telemark will be headed onto Okanagan Lake at the Kelowna Paddle Centre. This is a fun cross training opportunity for team telemark athletes. Paddling uses many of the same muscles as xc skiing, it challenges the same energy systems and when you wipe out it hurts a lot less than roller skiing : ) Many Norwegians, Finns, Swedes and Danes paddle for cross training for xc skiing!

Fill out this online form by noon on Friday so we know numbers. Choose OTHER and then enter TELEMARK Click here for the form. There is a fee of $15 each which includes boat paddle and life jacket. The fee can be payed by cash, visa or a cheque made out to Kelowna Paddle Centre.

Bring: clothes to be in the water in (swim suit/shorts, thermal top (like a top you would race in), a towel, work out clothes, warm change of clothes. water shoes (optional), waterbottle and snack.

  • Warm up and explanation of stroke and how to get ski’s in and out the water and some safety info (getting in if fall out etc).
  • On water warm up and some stroke practice – 10 min
  • Workout – 45 min
  • Cool Down and skis put away.
  • Change into dry clothes (if cold and weather not sunny and warm)
  • Gym work out – chin ups, body weights, agility

Big thanks to Sandy, Greg and the Kelowna Paddle Centre for making this opportunity for our team.