December 12, 2018

L2C and T2C Skiing Saturday and Costumes? 3:30 pm

Hello L2C and T2C Skiers!

We will be dressing up for Saturday’s Ski Celebration. The Dress Up Options are:

  • Retro Ski Outfits! (Adam will Bring a Bunch from his collection)
  • One Piece Race Suits!
  • Gorby Skier Attire; Inappropriate ski clothing (John Connor Jeans) Google if confused

Coordinate this should be Fun!

Also, Remember your Telemark Jacket’s for our Team Photo

When you get your Special Awards you will be asked to recognize the contributions of your parents’ volunteer contributions. So maybe get your thinking caps on for that…

Bring Gear for Both Techniques. There is going to be fresh grooming but it might also snow all day long!

It is a Potluck Party! The Signup is Here!

Thank You, Adam Elliot

Ps. Currently no Fern Lake this year: