December 12, 2018

L2T/T2T Final Week of November

Good evening everyone! With the race season nearly upon us, here’s the plan for the week:

Tuesday November 27th – I know I said last week would be the last roller ski but the snow gods have failed us. Tomorrow will be the last night! I promise!  We’ll meet at the Apple Bowl Tennis Courts again of Spall Road and proceed north for intensity work-out.

Thursday November 29th – Mount Boucherie Run and strength. This week we will meet at the Hawes’ house situated at 2847 Bentley Road – just past Constable Neil Bruce Middle School. Parents/Coaches, we will be running a Parent/Coach wax clinic in my garage while the athletes are out running. Please bring a pair of classic skis to work on, your wax kit (scrapers, iron, glide wax, grip wax (hard and Klister), corks, etc.) and a wax bench/form if you have one that is portable. This is an important clinic that we’d like to have good participation in to make the race days run smoothly and efficiently so our athletes have positive experiences.

Saturday Dec. 1 – We’ll be back at Sovereign in final prep. for the NorAM, which is the following weekend! Crazy!

Below is the Race Schedule for the season for you to consider. The NorAM Supertour registration is open on Zone4 ( ). The following weekend I’ll be in Whistler with the older athletes helping Adam and Ross. Then there is the BC Cup 1 in PG at the end of December. This is the Canada winter Games Trials. See below for the complete list.

 See you tomorrow night.