January 21, 2019

NST Strength Results

The NST Strength Test is a simple Test of 5 exercises over 10 minutes. One is given a minute to complete as many of each exercises as they can in 1 minute. They are then given 1 minute break before starting the next exercise. Pullups, Sittups, Pushups,  16″ Box Jumps and Dips (feet elevated) in that order. Complete Detailed Rules can be found Here: NSTstrengthTestProtocol-and-benchmarks2011 or Here for PDF: NSTstrength-test-protocol-and-benchmarks2011

Each Exercise has Standards to meet at each age:

NST Strength Test Standard Exercise Breakdown


Then we use the Tests to track improvement over time. This is a Summary of the improvement of Telemark Skiers over time:

NST Strength Test Telemark Summary 2009-2014

At the end of the day Why do we do all of this?

To motivate you the skier to work hard and become stronger and faster.

Many more Test results below.

2016-sept-nst-strength-test-resultsSept 2015 NST Strength Test ResultsOCT 2014 NST Strength TestSept 2014 NST Strength Test  Oct 2013 NST Strength Test Sept 2013 NST Strength TestNov. 2012 NST Strength Test ResultsMay 2015 BCDS NST Strength Girls May 2015 BCDS NST Strength Boys108 BCDS NST Strength Male 2014NST Strength 108 Female 2014BCST Boys NST Strength Sept 2013 BCST Girls NST Strength Sept 2013 BCDS BCTS NST Strength Male May 2013 BCDS BCTS NST Strength Female May 2013