December 12, 2018

Parent Meeting Agenda, Registration, Potluck

Friendly reminder that the athletes are training tomorrow at the Paddle Centre. Depending on what happens with the weather, the athletes may be running instead of training on the water.

Please remember to bring a cheque book for registration purposes, sign up your athlete on line and bring a signed copy of the parent/athlete Code of Conduct agreement.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Adoption of Agenda
  2. Previous AGM 2017 minutes
  3. Actions Arising
  4. Reports (treasurer, registrar, president, coach)
  5. New Business
    • ICG Coach Funding
    • Volunteers Needed (van drivers, parent executive)
    • Van Policy
    • Fundraising (marathon, Canadian Olympic Foundation)
    • Telemark Club AGM
  6. Other
  7. Motion to Adjourn