November 20, 2018

Party in Rossland Booked

Hello,  Tom has booked the following for Rossland.  Olaus House 5 bed 3 bathroom sleeps 10-14.  White Wolf Chalet 4 bed 3 bathroom sleeps 8-10.  base of Red mtn short walk between and walk to Black Jack Trails.   I’m thinking that guys and boys and wives (if they want) can stay in the Olaus house.  And ladies and girls can stay in White Wolf.  We can use Olaus as a food prep and dinner spot.   Breakfasts are on your own.  Lunch on own, but I think we can pot luck a soup  or chill to be on the stove for lunch/afternoon snacks.  Friday dinner on your own because we will probably be arriving at different times but talk with other people so we are sharing.  Saturday lets do a large potluck with everyone at the Olaus.

I was quoted 400 a nite for each place.  If we add it up and divide by total bodies in both, I  think that would be fair.  We might have some kids sleeping on the floor but that is okay.  I slept on the living room floor at Callaghan Nationals, cause that was better than the couch with 3 teenagers in the room.  If it looks like we are too crowded, we can add another ” White Wolf” chalet .  Please talk to others about car pooling. I know Christine Campbell (Hugh) is interested in sharing ride.

Please email me if I have made an error or you want to be included.


Confirmed I have

Coach – 1

Walker – 2

Williams – 2??

Shipley- 4

McKinnon 2 -4

Campbell/ Warkentin 2

Hobbs 3-4

Bailey 3-4

McDougall – 3

Haaheim – various??

Deepa, Tim and Alistair are coming, but have made other arrangements.