January 21, 2019

Race Day Plan

The Race Notice is normally located on the Host Clubs Website; Reading This is highly Recommended.

Glide Wax: LOW FLOURO ONLY for all Provincial and Regional Races in BC! Adam will announce a wax recommendation via a post on this website. Grip Zones should be cleaned!

More Details on LOW Fluoro Waxing this season at the bottom of this Page.

What the Athletes and Parents need to know

Arrival Times

All Skis need to be delivered to the Wax Tent 1:30 before the race start! This includes Skate Days because structure is likely required. Athletes are also required to be at the race site 1:30 before their race start. Actual Start times for individuals will be available on Zone4.ca the night before the race.

11am = 9:30am or 10 am = 8:30am

The Warm-up starts 45? minutes before the race category start time. We will have coaches/parents to help warm-up the skiers.

Warm-up Coaches need to be at the race site 1:30 before race start time.

Waxing Coordinator and Other Waxers need to be at the race site 2 hours before race start.

Bibs  We will ask a parent to help hand these out. The Athlete is responsible to check that their own bib number matches the Start List and arrive to their start on time.

Klister: this is a very sticky wax which is used when it is very wet or the snow is transformed into icy slippery stuff. With Klister skis need time (~5?) to cool down before use or they will ice up. When you are going to put your skis on make sure that your poles are on first because you always want to keep the skis moving once you are standing on them.

Sample Warm-up Plan:

Start Start 11:00        
Stay Warm; Run, Ski or Dynamic Movements        
Be at Start 0:10 10:50        
Easy to Start area 0:03 10:47        
Race Pace not Sprint 0:02 10:45        
Easy Skiing 0:02 10:43        
Race Pace not Sprint 0:02 10:41        
Easy Skiing 0:02 10:39        
Tempo, AnT or Threshold 0:03 10:36        
Easy Skiing 0:15 10:15

Sample Post Race Plan:

Get Dry Clothes, Food and Recovery Drink Race Finish    
Begin Warm Down Skiing as soon as possible 0:15 After Race    
Easy Skiing at AeT     0:15      
Get Equipment Organized            
Get all of your belongings organized


What the Parents need to know

Waxing is done by volunteer parents and coaches. We have ten spots at our Telemark wax tables for waxing. At a typical race there is a lot of equipment which needs to be set up and taken down every day. If you are available please help out.

Wax Test Crew on Classic Days need to be at the race site 2:30 before the race start; 2 hours on Skate Days.


At the CCC AGM held in June 2014, Divisions discussed the cost barriers to participation in our sport. As a result of this discussion it was agreed to discourage the use of high fluoro wax application for young skiers (defined as the Midget category and younger) at provincial and local races.  Cross Country BC has therefore adopted a ‘No Fluoro/Low Fluoro’ policy for all Midget age categories and younger. Alberta, Ontario and Quebec have adopted similar protocols as well.


Cross Country BC respectfully requests all coaches, wax technicians, and parents abide by a self-governed protocol while waxing skis for athletes racing in BC. This request applies to all local, regional and provincial events taking place in British Columbia (e.g. club races, loppets, regional cup races, BC Cup races, BC Championships, BC Midget Championships and the BC Winter Games).  This request also applies to athletes traveling to BC from out-of-province or out-of-country.

The recommended glide waxing protocol is as follows:

  • Non-Fluoro (NF) or Low Fluoro (LF) glide waxes ARE permitted
  • Medium Fluoro (MF) or High Fluoro (HF) glide waxes are NOT permitted
  • Pure Fluoro glide waxes (powders, pucks, blocks and liquid) are NOT permitted
  • Cold weather powder additives and hardeners are NOT permitted

The adherence to this protocol is self-governed and is the responsibility of the coaches, parents and wax technicians.

Note that this protocol does not extend to National level events held in BC (e,g, Western Canadian Championships). Nor does it extend to Midget-age athletes racing up into a Juvenile category or older.

Wax Technicians

Team technicians should be encouraged to wear at a minimum half mask respirators rated for Chemical Clean-up, Grinding, Masonry or Painting Spray units that provide protection against organic vapors and a minimum 95% efficiency against non-oil particulate aerosols.  N95 (95% Efficient Protection Against Non-Oil Particulates).  Full face masks will protect eyes from dangerous vapours and dust.  The use of disposable gloves is also recommended as the skin represents a secondary source of exposure to toxins.