January 21, 2019

Roller Ski Safety Policy

Telemark Race Team Roller Ski Safety Policy – Updated Sept 2018

Basic precepts:

  • Roller skiing on open roads has an inherent level of risk.
  • This policy accepts the Cross Country BC roller ski safety policy and the civic rules of the road as the assumed minimum, and is designed to maximize safety while ensuring an effective and positive training experience.
  • CCBC Policy: HERE other great Roller Ski Information on CCBC Website
  • The relevant sections of the civic rules of the road as they apply to cyclists: BC Laws
  • Two key terms that will be used below are official sunset (as determined by Environment Canada for the day of training), and civil twilight, which is 30 minutes after official sunset.

Personal safety equipment:

  • Helmets are to be worn before roller skis are put on, and are not to be removed until after roller skis have been taken off.
  • Gloves and other personal protection equipment such as knee/elbow pads are recommended but not required.


Full daylight:

  • Bright clothing, such as the Telemark Race Team dryland shirts, are required for visibility. Reflective clothing is recommended.

Approaching official sunset:

  • Any training event that occurs on open roads and is not complete before 15 minutes prior to official sunset requires the use of reflective vests (“visi-vests”) as an absolute minimum. Lighting is recommended.
  • Any training that occurs during weather that limits visibility, such as heavy rain or light fog, requires the use of reflective vests (“visi-vests”) as an absolute minimum. Lighting is recommended.
  • Roller ski training will not occur in dense fog.

Approaching civil twilight:

  • Neither the CCBC policy nor civic laws prohibit roller skiing after dark. The CCBC policy only restricts roller skiing when visibility is limited.  According to civil law, bicycles are required to have a forward facing white light and a rear facing red light, as well as reflectors, after civil twilight.  The Telemark Race Team requires the same guidelines if the workout will not be concluded prior to civil twilight.

Athlete considerations:

  • L2T and T2T athletes will be moved off of open roads prior to civil twilight always, with the goal of being off of open roads within 10 minutes of official sunset.
  • Athletes without the appropriate personal safety gear or visibility gear for the current conditions will have to abandon the workout, or find a way to complete the workout on a separated bike path or other lit off-road area.

Coaching considerations T2T and L2T:

  • The L2C and older athletes are considered to be mature and independent, and, on a regular basis, are responsible for their own training. The following policies apply to coaching L2T and T2T athletes.
  • There will be at least one trained coach for each scheduled workout.
  • There will be enough coaches and parent volunteers to ensure as close as possible to a one to eight adult to athlete ratio, with a minimum of two adults. One of these will be assigned as the sweep and will stay behind the last athlete.  There must always be an adult behind or with the last athlete.

Terrain considerations:

Ideally there would be low traffic roads with high width shoulders, hard climbs, and gradual downhill sections with fun, safe, corners and an even pavement surface.  In reality however, we have to work with the roads that are available.  Routes are chosen that fit as many of the above characteristics as are feasible.  When a route involves a challenging or intimidating descent, athletes are given the choice to either walk the section, or often we have a vehicle waiting at the top of the hill to shuttle athletes down.  Routes are also chosen to avoid downhill sections terminating at a stop sign or major intersection.

In Summary:

Athletes should attend evening practices prepared to rollerski in all conditions i.e. high vis shirt, reflective vest, front head light, rear facing red light, with gloves and other protective gear deemed necessary.  The above mentioned safety concerns will be strictly enforced.

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Updated September 2018