December 12, 2018

Roller Ski Wheel Group Order

Hello Ski Fans,

I have had requests to put together a group order for Roller Ski Wheels. Look at your wheels. Are they worn funny? (on 1 side); nearly impossible to ski properly on. Are the bearings loud or looses? Is the Rubber low? Yes? Time for new wheels

By ordering in a group we save on shipping costs. If we have enough sets of wheels to order we may be able to get a further team discount. We order wheels directly from as they are the best price for complete wheels with new bearings. These wheels fit all skate skis that we have ever ordered through the team; Swenor, F1, and One way. Everyone on our team uses speed 2 wheels. Normally works out to $120 for a set with shipping, tax and duty when ordered in a group.

Here is a Link!×24-mm-roller-ski-wheels/

Looks like they also sell those are to find Roller Ski Tips too…

Email me ASAP if interested. Thanks,

Adam Elliot