June 24, 2018

Sign up for Tree Planting

Please sign up here for Tree Planting this Saturday June 9th.  This is a valuable fundraiser for our Team.  Please do your best to sign up.  It takes at least 10 planters to make this a worthwhile exercise for our sponsor (Ntitlxyx Resources of the Westbank First Nation).  We make $1000 for every 4000 trees planted.

Meet at rendezvous point (TBD–will be in the Telemark/Coquihalla area) at 8 am and 12 pm

Session 1 9-12 pm

Session 2 1-3 pm


  1. Hi Murray, The word ‘here’ on the first line is a link to the signup sheet.

  2. Murray Carlson says:

    Is there a sign up sheet online? I would like to participate Saturday afternoon.