November 20, 2018

Winter FUNtastic This Saturday 10 am

Our celebration day Winter FUNtastics is happening this Saturday March 7th at 10:00 am. The race team and JD will be joining the Jack Rabbit program for this club end of the year event.

There will be stations with fun activities for the children around the stadium, prizes and hot dogs at the end.

LEADERS – Iva needs some TR athletes to lead groups. If you are willing to lead a group of JD, and JR kids around to stations please meet Iva at 10 am in the chalet. You are also eligible for a hot dog voucher. If there are extra hats or buffs you may get one.

PARTICIPANTS – Meet upstairs in the chalet at 10:00 to sign up at the coach’s table for groups and to receive a hot dog voucher. You will be eligible for a hat or a buff.

PARENT VOLUNTEERS – We need your help in order to have a truly Winter FUNtastic day. Volunteers will be needed for signing up kids, helping with activities, leading groups of kids, handing out prizes and BBQ helpers (anyone with foodsafe who could lead the BBQ please contact Iva ASAP ).
Please click on the following web link (or copy it into your web browser if clicking doesn’t work) to go to the signup sheet: To sign up, just follow the instructions on the page. It only takes a few seconds to do. PLEASE SIGN UP NOW!

Raffel Wind Up 2015

With the approach of the BC Championship weekend comes the wind down of our third annual raffle ticket fundraiser. All ticket books and money must be returned no later than Thu Feb 19th in preparation for the Feb 22nd draw. The sooner the better!! Some families have not yet picked up their required ticket books, 2 books per athlete (with a 4 book family maximum and a one book per athlete grace period if you are a first time JD). PLEASE don’t make me hunt you down : )

Ticket Drop-off/Pick-up: Nadine Seivers will be available on Saturday Feb 14th for book drop-off or pick-up. You can bring your completed books to the parent meeting Feb 17th. You can also return tickets at the office in a sealed envelope with “For Deepa. Raffel” so I can reconcile money and tickets. Remember any cheques need to be made out to Telemark Nordic Club. You can also email me to make alternate pick-up/drop-off arrangements (email).

Thank you to the Filatows, Redmans, Dickiesons, and the Telemark Office for returning fully paid for and sold books. Good job!!

I still have unclaimed books. This represents thousands of dollars of potential revenue. If you think you can sell more tickets please contact me ASAP to get more tickets(email). You can return what you don’t sell if it is above and beyond the mandatory books. Take them to work. Go door to door. Call the relatives. This is easy money to support our very worthy athletes and the more we sell the more advertising for our sponsors and potential to attract sponsors next year.