January 21, 2019

Team Telemark Having Fun and Success this weekend across Canada

Team Telemark is busy this weekend with one group of skiers bracing the cold temperatures of Prince George whilst another group is freezing over in Ottawa.

Not to let that dampen spirits, the PG group had a lively evening of bowling.  For full race results from today please see: https://zone4.ca/event/fa0d2d84-f490-11e7-9d1e-0ad99e951742/

Ian Williams made the podium in yesterday’s Junior Men Sprint at Easterns. For full race results please see: https://zone4.ca/event/a2630048-009f-11e8-a3e5-0ad99e951742/

Congrats to the entire team and to coaches Ross, Brent, Kyle, Deepa, Michelle & Alistair up in PG & Chris and Paul in Ottawa.