December 12, 2018

Teck Regional Dry-land Camp Okanagan September 7-9th 2018

2016 Camp Video

2015 Camp Video

Eligibility: Interior Skiers Born 2007 to 2000. Interior Skiers Born 2009-2008 may attend the camp if accompanied by a registered parent assistant (details below).

Dates: Friday, September 7th to Sunday, September 9th 2018.

Location: Kelowna

Camp Dunlop

5325 Lakeshore Rd, Kelowna, BC.

This is a Scouts Camp and we have rented the entire camp. Athletes will bunk with other athletes same gender. There is a Boys and Girls Bunk House which sleep 24 in each which will be awarded to the first 24 athlete registrations of each gender. Additional skiers are welcome to camp in Tents. Coaches and Parent helpers will be tenting. Athletes may tent if they would prefer; please click the “Tent” box option in zone4 so we may keep track of Bunk house beds. Traditionally, Many Skiers Prefer to Tent.

Regional Coach: Adam Elliot 250 859 8464 

Camp Begins: 6:00 PM on Friday September 7th. You are expected to arrive on time. Dinner will not be provided Friday so please come fed or prepared to make your own food.

Camp Ends: 1:00 PM on Sunday September 9th. This camp has a full participation policy. This means that participants are expected to arrive before the camp starts on September 7th and stay until the camp ends on September 9th unless you have made prior arrangements with the Camp Coordinator.

Camp Fee: The camp fee is $90 including zone4 fees. No refunds unless the camp is cancelled.

This includes accommodation (Friday to Sunday), meals (Saturday Breakfast through to Sunday lunch) and CCBC/Teck T Shirt if 16. Follow the link to Register at  Here! 

Registration Closes August 31st 2018

Coaches and Coach Helpers: We need coaches and if you are a minimum level of L2T “Trained” the camp will absorb your Costs. If you are below this level we can use you to “assist” a L2T “trained” coach but we will need to charge a subsidized fee ($50) for your food and accommodations. You may register via Zone4 as well. CCBC has minimum Coaching Certification Standards for Regional Camps which need to be followed.

Camp Goals: Fun, Technique, Inspiration and Camaraderie

What to Bring List:

  • all gear for skating roller skiing (skate roller skis, poles, boots)
  • Mandatory Roller Ski Safety Equipment (Helmet, Gloves, Reflective Vest and optional Knee Pads)
  • Hill Bounding Poles. (Your Classic Poles or poles ~10cm shorter than shoulders)
  • Sport Clothing
  • running shoes
  • heart rate monitor if you have one
  • outdoor clothes for all weather conditions
  • work ethic
  • personal toiletry items, including soap
  • Water bottles and Carrier
  • headlamp
  • yoga mat
  • Smiley Face
  • Mattress to Sleep ON!
  • Sheets, Sleeping Bag, Pillows and Towels
  • Tent if Tenting

2017 Shirt Colour

NEW Frequently asked Questions at the bottom of this page. When a question is asked I will add the answer to the bottom of this page.

UPDATED – Draft of Camp Schedule:

Friday September 7th

5-6 arrival and set up tents

6 pm Welcome and Ice Breaker Games, Camp rules and code of conduct

7:00 pm Wide Game [coaches check in with Deepa for group assignments]

8 pm Snack and Guest Speaker Emily Young!

9 pm Quiet Time

9:30 Lights Out in Cabins


Saturday September 8th

Group A                                                                   Group B

7 am Morning Activation Activities                      7am Breakfast

8 am Breakfast                                                           8am Depart for Roller Skiing

9am Depart for Roller Skiing

11:15 Athlete Panel 😉

Noon Lunch Time                                                      Noon Lunch Time

Quiet and Home Work Time [coaches meeting]

2:30 pm Hill Bounding Technique Session

3 pm Team Adventure Challenge and Strength

4:30 pm Volley Ball Tournament Semi Finals A vs B

5 pm Volley Ball Tournament Semi Finals C vs D

6:30 pm Dinner

7:30 pm Volley Ball Tournament Finals _? vs _?

8 pm Snack and Talent Show? (No Camp Fire)

9 pm Quiet Time

9:30 Lights Out in Cabins


Sunday September 9th

6:30 am Morning Activation Activities

7 am Breakfast

8 am Depart for Run

Noon Lunch Time

12:30 Clean up Camp and Final Debrief

Camp Report from last year: Sept 19th 2016

Over 50 Young Skiers from the Okanagan, Salmon Arm, Revelstoke and Kamloops/Sunpeaks joined us in Kelowna for our Teck Regional Dry-land Training Camp this past weekend. Camp participants had a full plate with activities including Icebreaker Games, Orienteering, Morning activation, skate roller skiing with technique work, Optional 1 km uphill time trial, Hill Bounding Technique, Volley Ball Tournament, Endurance Run and a Team Adventure Challenge. The Team Adventure Challenge included Stations with a strength element and a fun challenge. Fun Challenges included Agility, Balloon Caterpillar, Synchronised Dancing, Log Rolling, “Bananas” and Flash Mob Practise. The Flash Mob and the Synchronised dances are in the video below.

Participants also had presentations on Recovery and Nutrition from Chris Manhard (BC Team Head Coach) and Paul Shipley (T2T Coach and UBCO Professor).

Despite the fact that the camp was located in a paradise known as Kelowna we did in fact see some rain over the weekend. But no Rain could Dampen the spirits of these keen camp participants. I big thank you to Teck for the new shirts and all of the Coaches and Cooks who helped make this Camp a Huge Success.

Can I Help or Help Coach? Yes, we always need help. This is the information on the Mandatory Standards for Coaching: With regards to your Teck Regional Dryland and Snow Camps, this is a friendly reminder to familiarize yourself with CCBC’s minimum mandatory coach qualification policy.  Coaches leading/supervising the camp or leading a group of athletes at the camp must be NCCP L2T ‘trained’ (must have completed the L2T (On-Snow) Workshop), while coaches that are assisting must be NCCP Community Coach ‘trained’ (must have completed the Community Coach Workshop). Link to Policy!

“Sammy G”. doesn’t roller ski much (twice ever so far).  Do you think the camp would be good for “Sammy G.” too or should I wait another year for camps for him? For the Roller skiing portion on Saturday we just do an introductory to roller skiing for those who are younger and inexperienced in a parking lot and car free paved path. If they are reasonably good skiers they usually excel in this setting. Also, if you do not have roller skis all of the clubs bring their team skis so that skiers can try roller skiing; there will be enough skis if you cannot find some to bring. I think that “Sammy G.” will be fine.

Thanks Again,

Adam Elliot