November 19, 2018

Coordinator Job Description

Telemark Racers Program Coordinator

Duties and Responsibilities

The Coordinator will be responsible for implementation and coordination of the Telemark Racers 1 Program (or JD).  These responsibilities include but are not limited to:


  • Coach using the Telemark Racers Mission, Values and Goals: HERE
  • Pass on your infectious passion of our sport.
  • Be a champion for the head coach; Support the head coach’s decisions and philosophy.
  • Help deliver the annual training program for athletes in accordance with CCC LTAD guidelines.
  • Help mentor other coaches in technique development.
  • Look for new ways of improving technique of skiers.
  • Focus on priorities and remains calm and positive when under pressure.
  • Participate in the development of the YTP.


  • Help coordinate the TR1 (or JD) program with the Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Athletes and Parents.
  • Be responsible for ensuring that there are enough Coaches and Support for the practices and events to run smoothly.
  • Ensure that the lesson plans are up to date and reflect the current needs of the group.
  • Individual pre/post season review of athlete’s performance goals and objectives.

Communication with Parents of Racers

  • Be available for discussions with individual parents as required.
  • Promote athlete race schedule key events.
  • Help ensure that team-supported races are adequately staffed by support staff.
  • Try to create single large posts with all the details of each week instead of multiples if possible.


  • Certification Minimum Learn to Train Certified
  • Experience Minimum: 2-3 Years Coaching
  • Qualities: communicates well with athletes, coaches and parents; strong organizational skills; strong working knowledge of CC skiing technique and training regimens for athletes in the FUNdamentals and Learning to Train continuum.