November 20, 2018

Thank You Jill Stamp

Hoping to not diminish the contribution of all our volunteers this weekend, I am going to single out Jill Stamp and I want to be the first to say a HUGE than you to her for all the time she put in over the past 4 weeks to choreograph this BC cup.  In the volunteer role I was honored to be awarded this weekend, I got to see the underbelly of a major race and I for one had no prior concept of the amount of pre-planning and real-time decision making that happens and Jill Stamp is at the center of  it all.

Further, there is an entire “black ops” team of people, spending as much time as any athlete or race parent, who pull everything together for race day.  For example, think about how it came to be that the entire course is already groomed to perfection and marked out when you arrive at 7:00 AM!   Please take the time to go back and re-read the “competition committee” list in the race notice and give each of them a special thanks next time you see them.

Thank you to the athletes and parents who stood in the cold selling raffle tickets today.  The results were better than I expected, your time was worth it!


BC Cup #2 January 13, 2013 West Kelowna


  1. I’d love to second that. Jill and James poured a ton of effort into this and it came off beautifully. I was also delighted to see so many of the race team parents out volunteering at this event, and to see such a large number of the JackRabbits coaches with packs of their JR kids at the race.

    And to continue on my “me too” kick, there are a lot of volunteers that never get really noticed that do a lot. Look through the NOR for people that you didn’t notice at the race like the grooming team, the chalet team, and the poor suckers stuck in the timing hut for seven hours a day.