January 21, 2019

Post Secondary Team

Post Secondary Ski Team; Team Telemark

Head Coach: Adam Elliot, coachadam@telemarkracers.org

Team Telemark is proudly supported by:


  • The idea of the Team Telemark program is to train and develop national and international level skiers while also having good access to post-secondary educational opportunities.
  • Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley are a prime location with endless training areas and an international airport.
  • Head coach Adam Elliot will personalize training programs starting in April 2016. Adam is a Level 4 Coach and Graduate of the Advanced Coaching Diploma program through Canadian Sport Institute Pacific.
  • Adam will direct wax support at races as well.
  • Athletes who may be interested in this program are asked to contact Adam for questions.

Summer Training

  • Smooth roads for roller skiing – Southeast Kelowna, June Springs (Time Trial), Telemark Road.
  • Endless trails and mountains to bike and run – Rose Valley, Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park, Okanagan Mountain Park, Smith Creek, etc. (so many trails!)
  • Okanagan Lake – swimming, cooling off after training.
  • BCST camps in Revelstoke, Whistler and on the Haig Glacier.

 Post-Secondary Options

  • Kelowna is lucky to have two major post secondary options, UBCO and Okanagan College. As a focused ski racer, Okanagan College is a perfect part time option.
  • Since OC is directly in the middle of Kelowna, access to training straight from the school is very easy.


Kelowna has 7 nordic ski areas within an hour’s drive.

  • The majority of on snow ski training is done at Telemark Nordic Club, which is a twenty-five minute drive from downtown Kelowna.
  • Telemark offers good low altitude training, which is perfect for the majority of training sessions (altitude 1000m).
  • Silver Star and Sovereign Lake are both 55 minutes from Kelowna, they offer a ski season that begins in late October and extends into late May. We do a May camp at Sovereign Lake where we are able to ski on their trails until the later weeks of May. Early season camps begin in late October or early November.
  • Nickel Plate and Big White are the two primary altitude-training sites as they both are situated over 2000m.

Telemark Nordic Club



Kelowna Nordic Ski Club



Big White (altitude)



Silver Star



Sovereign Lake



Larch Hills



Nickel Plate (altitude)




Emily Weekes, Canadian Para-Nordic World Cup Team Member.

I have been beyond thankful and happy with the support I have received from not just Adam and support staff of the Telemark race team this past season but from all the families that are involved with the club of all ages if children.  As a para athlete it can be challenging to find a club environment that I can feel excepted and not feel like I stand out because I ski with one arm. Telemark has done that for me! I feel like part of the family. Adam Elliot runs a great program and I see endless potential for me as a para athlete training with an able body club. I have enjoyed every second, even the painful intensity nights.  The Telemark program is so well organized and supported I cannot wait for next season and see what this club can do! We are all off to bigger and higher spots on the podium! And all thanks to Adam and the Telemark club!

Em Weekes

Team Telemark Expectations

Be Supportive of Each other
Encourage Each other
Mentor Each other
Be the Best you can Be
Have Fun and Keep Things Positive
Show up Prepared and on Time
Come to Training as Regularly as possible; 75% Attendance Minimum
Check the Website for Practise Locations and start times
To be appropriately prepared for all training and racing events including equipment, clean clothing, change of clothing, watch or heart rate monitor, nutrition, hydration and good attitude
To read and adhere to the Telemark Roller Ski Safety Policy which can be found on our website; Under Athletes Resources
To be responsible for the care and maintenance of their own equipment and team clothing for practices and event
Work Hard
Commitment to Skiing for Fall and Winter
Do your part of the Reporting
Fill out the “Goals” Tab
Keep Your Diary up to Date; 7 day limit
Follow the Plan to the best of your ability
I would like L2C and T2C to fill out at least 2 Fatigue Trackers
Subscribe to the Website and Read the Posts
Focus at training
Focus enough to ski properly when training
Ski fast enough to stay with the group when skiing reasonable Speeds
Inspire and Support the Whole Team
The athlete competes wearing the Team Telemark Race Suit in all major races including all BC Cups, Westerns, Nationals and World Junior /U23 Trials.
To compete with pride and to the best of your ability. Focus on sportsmanship, respect for yourself and your competitors at all events
Talk to, Encourage and Cheer on Younger Skiers

Team Telemark: Team Goals

Create a Supportive Training Environment in which athletes are prepared and  motivated to become the best they can be (as skiers) through Leadership of older skiers, encouragement from each other, focused training sessions, hard work, Fun and of course “Hunting and Destroying!”                      Also, Top 12 in Team Aggregate at Nationals in 2018