June 24, 2018

TR1 Roller Skiing Thursday with a Special Guest Coach

Hello Ski Fans,

Alyson Hamilton has offered to volunteer to do some coaching with our team going forward. She is a Medical student at UBCO now. Alysson also was a member of our National Ski team and has had over 40 World Cup starts.

A nice Article on Alysson is available for viewing Here!

So, 6 pm at South East Kelowna Elementary School for TR1 and TJR Skate Roller Skiing. I will be around too.

Remember that Gloves, Helmet, water and High Visibility shirt are Mandatory in the summer. This is the link to our Roller Ski Safety Policy which is found in the resource tab of our website.

I also recommend changing your tips over on your poles and bringing ski boots, poles and roller skis.

Thank You,

Adam Elliot