December 12, 2018

Tree Planting 4 Years Later

Who remembers the first ever tree planting event when the racing teams were invited to re-forest Telemark after the pine beetle infestation logging?  Emile Brokx visited the upper planting plot on the weekend.  I think this is pretty special.  4 years ago these were all tiny 10 cm seedlings.  I am pretty sure I watched Coach Adam plant the tree in that first photo.

From Emile:

“On Sunday I went up to Crystal Rim. It was very beautiful up there as you can see from the attached pictures. The trees that were planted in 2012 by the XC racing team and biathlon team have grown very fast. I never realised that there were that many larch trees planted, but they have grown up to about 10 ft tall. Amazing!  The pine trees haven’t grown quite as fast. The larches are beautiful in the fall when the needles change colours. The growth alongside the Telemark trail is not quite as spectacular, but still very good I think.”

dscn0136 dscn0133 dscn0134